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  1. AdamSheikh

    Alpine Volks Fair 2021 | Helen, GA

    I've posted some of my photos from this epic event in the CSG photo thread: Now that the aftermovie from the supremely talented @LRodriguez_Media is complete, I wanted to share it...
  2. AdamSheikh

    O2 Sensor Cable Clip/Bracket Part #

    Hi all, The gray clip for the O2 sensor cable that attaches to the firewall behind/above the turbo on my car broke and I'm trying to order a replacement. Anyone happen to know the part number? Been hunting around on every parts site and diagram I can find with no luck so far. Definitely...
  3. AdamSheikh

    MIB2 Discover Pro Retrofit - NAR Map Updates

    Hi all, I have an MIB2 Discover Pro retrofit in my 2015 Autobahn. The unit currently has 2017 maps installed and they work great. I understand there are updated maps, and I've already attempted to download and format them on an SD card, but I was not successful in updating them. Does anyone...
  4. AdamSheikh

    FS: OEM GTI Non-Performance Pack Brakes (All 4 Corners)

    Hi all, I've completed a 4 corner performance pack brake retrofit and have my stock non-PP brakes for sale. I have the following: Calipers and Carriers, front and rear Pads - EBC Reds in front (50% left), Akebono Ceramics in rear (85% left) Dust Shields, front and rear Lines, front and rear...
  5. AdamSheikh

    Hardware Needed for 4 Corner PP Brake Retrofit

    Hey all, Finally biting the bullet and retrofitting a Performance Pack brake setup on my 2015 non-PP car. I have all the components sourced and incoming (calipers, carriers, dust shields, lines, rotors, and pads). Just need to figure out the hardware that will need replaced (as I know some...
  6. AdamSheikh

    Alpine VAG Fair Aftermovie - @LRodriguez_Media

    Amazing film from our time in Helen shot and edited by my supremely talented friend, Luis Rodriguez - Can't thank him enough for capturing these moments from the best weekend of my life. Give him a follow and drop a like...
  7. AdamSheikh

    WTB: Performance Pack Brakes - Front & Rear

    Hi all, Looking to upgrade my non-PP car to PP brakes, front and rear. I know fronts will be easier to come by than rears, but wanted to put it out there. (Not opposed to buying just fronts and sourcing rears elsewhere, etc). Mainly looking for the calipers, carriers, and dust shields. Not...
  8. AdamSheikh

    P0030 Fault Code - O2 Sensor?

    Hi all, Started my car up this morning and was greeted with a lovely CEL (first time in nearly 5 years). Cold start was completely normal and I couldn't sense that anything was wrong. Idle came down like normal after a few seconds and the car continued to run fine. Promptly scanned the...
  9. AdamSheikh

    Michelin Pilot Sport 4S (PS4S) - Optimal Tire Pressure

    Hi all, I've been running Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires for the past 3+ years and love them to death. They've been the stock size of 225/40/18, and I've been running them at 34-35 PSI (rather than the OEM recommended 37). Any higher, and I've noticed that the tires are prone to premature...
  10. AdamSheikh

    SFL MK7 | SFL VW /// December Cruise and Meet

    Got together with the crew over the weekend for a nice cruise and meet up in North Miami. Had about 20 or so VWs and Audis rolling down A1A as we made our way to Oleta River State Park. Put together a short video of the meet up, and tried to get some photos of the cruise. All in all, it was...
  11. AdamSheikh

    North America/US MIB I Nav Updates?

    Hi all, I went through this saga a bit ago and gave up in frustration. Have there been any proper updates to the Navigation data for 2015 NAR/US Autobahn models with MIB 1? I purchased my car in June 2014, so the maps are nearing 3+ years out of date. My nav SD card is "V1". I purchased a...
  12. AdamSheikh

    EuroTripper 5 | Ft. Myers, FL | 2.4.17

    Had an awesome time out at EuroTripper over the weekend and wanted to share some of my favorite shots documenting the day. Cruised out with the SFL MK7 /// group that I organize here in South FL. Enjoy! 500_1040 by Adam Sheikh, on Flickr IMG_2645 by Adam Sheikh, on Flickr IMG_2646 by Adam...
  13. AdamSheikh

    WTB: OEM GTI Clubsport Suitcase Muffler (w/ Tips)

    Hi all, Bit of a longshot but figured I'd put it out there. Looking to get a Clubsport rear suitcase muffler to fit onto my standard GTI (for the larger tips). The whole suitcase is preferable to just the tips (for maximum "OEM" effect). No idea what shipping to the US would cost, but...
  14. AdamSheikh

    SFL MK7 Impromptu Photos

    Hi all, We had a meet here in South Florida the other night and a few of us happened to grab some quick photos at a Porsche dealer nearby as we headed out. Not bad for handheld shots in low light! Be sure to check out @SFLMK7 on Instagram and join our Facebook group if you're local! Links...
  15. AdamSheikh

    Mk7's in Formation

    Hey all! Had a great Sunday here in sunny South FL with some awesome other Mk7 owners. Got some good photos and figured I'd share. Full gallery here: Photo of the day: SFL Mk7 Formation by Adam Sheikh, on Flickr
  16. AdamSheikh

    New Wheels and Tires!

    Hey everyone, So I finally pulled the trigger on some new wheels. Went for an OEM/OEM+ look and couldn't be happier with how everything looks and fits. Wrapped them in Michelin Pilot Super Sports and am equally impressed. Can't wait to really take the car out for a good drive and put the tires...