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  1. AdamSheikh

    Crack in sunroof bezel/roof trim?

    Mine has been cracked for a few years now - don't be surprised to see the crack grow. That said, its purely cosmetic and doesn't interfere with the sunroof drains at all. The repair is pretty invasive, so I've opted to just leave mine as is.
  2. AdamSheikh

    Show Me Your Best Cell Phone Pics

    100% same. Ive been shooting for 15+ years now, and even did some professional work back in my college days. It's always been a huge passion of mine, but as I'm sure you can relate life gets in the way, you get busy, and you don't have time for your hobbies like you used to lol. I feel bad...
  3. AdamSheikh

    Show Me Your Best Cell Phone Pics

    Shot some more RAW photos at our monthly SFLMK7/SFLVW meet (processed in Lightroom). Phone is genuinely blowing my mind lol.
  4. AdamSheikh

    Show Me Your Best Cell Phone Pics

    iPhone 14 Pro RAW photos have been pretty mind-blowing. Really pleased with how much I can pull from the files.
  5. AdamSheikh

    Pad & rotor combo question

    For what it's worth, I ran these pads for all of 3 days before ditching them and replacing with EBC reds. The rotors are fine, but the pads inspired zero confidence. The lack of dust was super nice, but not worth the sketchy pedal feel imo. Was never able to determine if I was sent the wrong...
  6. AdamSheikh

    Replacing HID or LED in factory lighting package headlights

    This was a blast from the past lol. If memory serves me correctly, these were 6500k at the time, yes. To your point, it's possible they have updated their lineup for any number of reasons. That said, I recently swapped my bulbs (previously the Osram CBI) to the new Osram CBB and have been...
  7. AdamSheikh

    Official Carbon Steel Metallic GTI / Golf Thread

    Had a blast out at EuroTripper in Ft. Myers this weekend. Wish I got more shots, but the weather got very overcast throughout the day. Pretty gloomy/challenging lighting as time went on.
  8. AdamSheikh

    FS: O.E. 19" Pretoria Wheel Set of 4 (2 damaged, 2 great condition)

    Sent you a PM. Mainly looking at the 2 wheels in good shape - have no use for the damaged ones. Let me know
  9. AdamSheikh

    Show Me Your Best Cell Phone Pics

    🙏 Appreciate that! OEM+ has always been the goal - totally timeless!
  10. AdamSheikh

    Show Me Your Best Cell Phone Pics

    ROW lighting regulations :love:😭
  11. AdamSheikh

    South FL (Miami) good detailers?

    Take a look at
  12. AdamSheikh

    New to the GTI fam!

    I mean, the glass may feel smoother or more slick to the touch for you, but the actual UI and menus would be exactly the same. Having used both types of screens, I can't say I've noticed any differences. In fact, I prefer the pre-facelift screens because they're matte and pick up fewer smudges...
  13. AdamSheikh

    New to the GTI fam!

    The link you posted there is just for the screen/display itself. The actual "brains" of the infotainment system (head unit) is in the glovebox. On 2015 cars (like OP has), you can't just upgrade the screen as the newer/larger ones require MIB2 at a minimum. MIB2 brings a lot of improvements -...
  14. AdamSheikh

    New to the GTI fam!

    MIB2+ retrofits are totally doable. A good resource is Euro Zone Tuning. This is likely your best option: