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    MSS Spring + Spacers

    This has definitely turned into a frustrating situation. Quick background, for all my cars I go with Eibach or H&R springs, and mod from there. Always enjoyed my set-up and most importantly no hassles! With the Golf R, I thought I would try something different and went with a set of MSS Springs...
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    Passenger side lowering lean

    Edit : I think just going to wipe this, start with the corner balance, ensure the strut on the driver side is set and see where I am at after
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    DCC Slider Mod

    I am not meaning to hijack anyone's work, just trying to bring the posts together so others can benefit from the lessons learned. I figure it would be worth getting the information into one thread, and maybe @Cuzoe or @Chillout , it would be awesome if you can help to put the information here...
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    B4 vs B6 Bilstein (Damptronic)

    I was about to pull the trigger on the B6's as I am able to get 30% off right now which I am pretty excited for. However, from reading posts, is it what I want? I want to maintain Damptronic, as I do some highway and like the comfort of Normal mode, even Eco / Comfort at times when I am locked...
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    FS 17.5mm ECS Spacers

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    2-piece rotor / pad combos

    just looking for some suggestions on brakes. I was looking to get my big turbo upgrade done this summer, however after a visit to the shop while getting some new rubber on my summer wheels, while they were installing, they looked at my brakes and, well it has been 4 years...brakes first!! I...
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    car part out site

    anyone know any good car part out sites? Reason I ask, let's say I want to find a set of RS3 Supersport seats, the only place I can seem to find them is from the UK and odd spots around Europe on ebay or gumtree for example. I can't imagine nothing like this happens in North America. I know...
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    perfect 'garage mate' for the R

    So we keep flip flopping with my wife on what to replace her Subaru with. The list is maybe considered 'upgrades' to the R, but I might be missing something in that $30-50k mark completely, so open to that. Since we agreed that the R is sticking around, we thought we would look at filling in...
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    Lader LM5xxx hybrid turbo This is a hybrid of the MK8 R's turbo, who is going first? Found it on another forum, will be interesting if we can swap GTI option too...
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    pre-load on rear sway bar

    Will try to keep this short, but originally bought an EMD sway bar /w springs combo. Immediately on receiving I installed the sway bar, and with stock height and end links, felt fantastic. Installed the springs, and things obviously started felt a bit sloppy, but a fun sloppy in the corners...
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    damaged flex in downpipe

    I have a 42DD downpipe (304 stainless steel and v-bands), picture is below. The last bit I started hearing what at first I thought was some exhaust chatter. Spent a bit of time checking, and I am 99% sure it's coming from the flex pipe but I can't quite see exactly where since it's in that...
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    powder coated bronze Pret's on a black Golf

    Curious if anyone has any floating around? Seen a few bronze on black with aftermarket wheels, and I think this is what I want. Curious if anyone has done it with a powder coating of the Pret's? Is this a good idea or will I be in for a whole lot of regret down the road? Reason being, I had a...
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    UM haldex tune - how to verify?

    So I had my car into the shop for a new condenser installed by VW. When the car came back it seemed odd, something changed besides the AC condenser. One thing that was pretty obvious was the power seemed lacking - like there was power but not Stage 2 power levels. I flashed the car and suddenly...
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    AC Leak investigation

    warranty is expiring in November, and of course back in July I lost AC. So quick run down, was on a roadtrip with my family and noticed it end of July. However, after parking the car it seemed to come back, mind you it was later at night and not has humid as earlier in the day. Didn't really...
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    2022 Audi RS3

    Just thought I would post, seeing who might be jumping ship in the next few years to the next logical step up if sticking with a 'compact'? I think other cars on the short lists are probably along the lines of M2? Not sure what else without getting into something bigger nowadays I miss my...
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    front end links on a lowered car

    Just wondering, from some of the experts, do you need them? should consider them? I have the MSS Kit and a RSB, but I don't see myself getting a FSB. I installed a RSB and immediately the fun factor of the car went up 5 notches. However, when I lowered my car, it got dialed back 3 notches...
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    FS: 034 Dogbone Mount - v2

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    Shorty's Short Shifter + Clutch Stop Review

    Also must mention off the bat, the 42 Design Shifter Bushings / Shifter Relay Lever Bushings, as they added to the big grin on my face... No, this is not a manual vs automatic comparison thread, it also isn't a comparison between short shifter kits available on the market....rather it is a...
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    curbed did I bend something?

    To start, I was going through a drive thru for a coffee on my lunch to get out of the office like I normally do several times a week. Same left turn as always, and ended up curbing the rear drivers side. It is my winter wheels, hence the X-Ice's. I took a really good look and nothing at all...
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    mk7.5's are touching down in NA

    Looks like they are popping up at Canadian dealerships, if the shipping routes are correct, should be seeing them at US dealerships this week!