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  1. kc10131984

    LiquiMoly Ceratec in the motor oil, but with DSG transmission

    Ok, this kind of a stupid question, but I'm a little confused and just want to double check. I drive a 2017 gti with DSG and VAQ. I was going to add Ceratec to my motor oil for the engine, but then I saw all the warnings about not using it with automatic transmission and wet clutches. I...
  2. kc10131984

    Question about color of used DSG Fluid after 40k, stg 1 tune

    Hi everyone. I just DIY'd my DSG fluid change and my spent fluid seemed awfully dark to me, and was hoping to get a second opinion. I bought my car used with 16k miles on the clock. I tuned it with APR stage 1 ECU at approx 20k miles. I do NOT have the APR stage 1 TCU tune, so in sport mode, my...
  3. kc10131984

    Cast Downpipe vs Mandrel bent tubing+ resonator...which one is more quiet?

    I'm in the market for a GESI/Euro 6/HJS downpipe that is also low on the noise. I know that cast dps are quiet due to the heft of the connection to the turbo, but unfortunately it appears that no one makes a cast downpipe that also has a resonator and a high end cat on it. I know APR did this...
  4. kc10131984

    WTB: Down pipe, Catted (resonated would be a plus). SoCal Area

    Anyone in the general SoCal area getting rid of a downpipe? I'm looking for any of the following brands...not interested in others: *AWE *MAP *Cobb *Bull-X Would really prefer it be a GESI/Euro 6 Cat. Thanks!
  5. kc10131984

    Noob question about DSG unlock on a Cobb AccessPort

    Hey guys, im about to make the jump from APR to cobb AP because APR discontinued their stg 2. Problem is, I'm a complete newb to accessport, and was hoping you guys could help me answer a few questions. I have the opportunity to buy a used and unmarried Cobb AP that is currently loaded with...
  6. kc10131984

    WTS: 2017 mk7 GTI Austin Rims OEM 18" SOCAL/LA/OC

    Looking for $500 OBO, Local pickup in SoCal. I live in OC. Set of 4 GTI rims/wheels. I'm the original owner and these came off my GTI around 18k miles. I have photos of each individual wheel, numbered in the photos. If anything about their condition was worth noting, I've marked it so you know...
  7. kc10131984

    WTB: OEM Roof Rack in SoCal

    ALL SET. Found a rack locally, thanks everyone.