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  1. StealthGTI

    More Than Meets the Eyes

    Hello, I've been here for over four years. I didn't start a build thread earlier because, to be honest, I knew that my progress would be very slow and mostly things than don't appeal to the average enthusiast. Looking back, I've done more to the car than I expected, but it's still been a very...
  2. StealthGTI

    Samsung Note 20 and Android Auto with MIB2?

    I'm being very specific here. Android Auto (AA) has worked great on my 2017 GTI's MIB2. Sure, I'd get the occasional glitch, but it was often resolved with a reboot or by cleaning the cable/phone contacts. However, since upgrading to the Note 20, I can't go a single drive without it glitching me...
  3. StealthGTI

    Mk7 Art, Line Drawings, or Graphics?

    Hello, I'm kicking around some ideas for a logo for my website and YT channel. I'm currently playing around with a simple, solid profile of a generic hatchback that looks "close enough" to a Mk7. Then I had a recollection of some line drawings or art of some sort here. I don't know how to...
  4. StealthGTI

    IS38 in Hampton Roads?

    Hello - Does anyone in Hampton Roads have an IS38 laying around that I can see? I'm interested in photographing it side-by-side with an IS20, which I have. I can come to you. Thanks!
  5. StealthGTI

    VA-CA-VA... Again!

    It's time to hit the road again. You may recall my "Coast-to-Coast" thread from November. My wife and I had driven to CA to retrieve my mother's cremains and some of her effects. What we didn't expect was to have a change of heart regarding our desire to bring more of her things home with us...
  6. StealthGTI

    Coast-to-Coast Road Trip

    Hello, I meant to start this thread a while back, but life has been turbulent. I live in SE Virginia. My brother (central Texas) and I recently visited my mother in central California for what we were certain would be our last chance to see her alive. Sure enough, she died two days after we...
  7. StealthGTI

    Seat Cover for Softer Feel?

    Hello, My GTI is nearly three years old. I still love it! My wife and I have taken a few road trips recently. She's not terribly fond of the seat after a while. Yes, I agree that the seats are firm, but I find them comfortable enough. They're great for the commute; I stop every 100 miles or so...
  8. StealthGTI

    My Rear Seat Delete

    Hello, I can't believe there hasn't been more discussion about rear seat deletes, love them or hate them. There's a business dedicated to rear seat deletes, so *someone* must be buying them. :p The first question you'll ask is "WHY?????" I've seen Euro Kreations' (EK) products and had asked...
  9. StealthGTI

    Blower Fan Replacement (Removal w/o Tools)

    Hello, My interior blower motor (ventilation) started making some sickly noises around the 70,000-mile mark. It was disappointing on a car that was just over two years old. Later, the fan speed began to fluctuate until it eventually became unreliable, working only from time to time. I didn’t...
  10. StealthGTI

    Odd Request: Trailer Color Matching...

    Hello, Yeah, you read it right. I'm looking to color-match my trailer to my car. Here's the trailer and the car: Reflex Silver spray paint is easy to find. However, the shop that recently wrapped my cargo box has a color of silver that nearly disappears against my Reflex Silver car. I will...
  11. StealthGTI

    Android Auto and Bluetooth/Message Permissions?

    Hello, First, I think this may be a phone issue and not a car issue. I may be wrong. Still, I cannot think of a better place to ask this question: I've been using Android Auto (AA) a lot lately. I've noticed that the phone displays the permissions prompts EVERY time I unplug my phone from the...
  12. StealthGTI

    P/N for Overhead Console?

    Hello, I'm doing a project that will involve cutting a hole in my overhead console. When I do something like that, I usually buy a replacement part and then cut THAT instead of the stock part. My practice allows me to recover quickly from errors and/or put the car back to stock without flaws...
  13. StealthGTI

    VAQ or Transmission Leak?

    Hello, Background: 2017 GTI Sport with ~34,000 miles. I recently had my clutch upgraded to an RSR kit. The mechanic got a small surprise when he separated the transmission from the engine in the form of a drip of collected oil that spilled from an unlikely place. Here is a photo that shows the...
  14. StealthGTI

    Helix + Rockford Fosgate + Ham Radio

    Hello, I figure this is as good a place to introduce myself as any other. My car is mostly stock, so not worth it to start a "build thread." Instead, I'll share the subwoofer and ham projects that I just finished. The project has grown since this initial post. See the latest configuration in...