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  1. Maiden69

    MK7.5 GTI Headlight Eyebrow Cover

    Last week something hit the car as I was driving, I looked and didn't see anything so I thought it probably hit a plastic piece or something else. Saturday I was getting the mail and the sun shined on the headlight in the right angle that made the crack visible. It is right at the edge where the...
  2. Maiden69

    OBDEleven Front Axle Differential Lock

    Hi guys, I downloaded a full backup of my car to study it and try to understand how adaptations work and see if there is anything additional I can do to my car that has not been done or published. I have a 2020 GTI SE with the Performance Pck. While reading the adaptations of module 44 I...
  3. Maiden69

    P029900 2020 GTI COBB Stg1 93 tune

    Good morning, I recently tuned my GTI with COBB stage 1 93 octane and DSG tune. The car runs great, but 2 days ago as I was leaving work and getting on the merge ramp I had to step on it to get ahead a pick up with a trailer dropping rocks all over the highway. At the top of 3rd gear the EPC...