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    Winter wheel / / hub rings

    Im sure this has been discussed at length... Everytime this year. But i wanted to share. So i bought winter wheels and tires for my 17 GTI S at tire rack. I could of gotten away with all seasons but with an 80 mile daily commute in DC traffic and a couple trips to NH planned this winter felt...
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    Coolant leaking at water pump

    Thought i had an oil leak but after looking deeper i verified it is indeed coolant and its the waterpump housing its leaking from. 2017 gti s Thoughts? Im still under warranty and thinking of taking off the jb4 and trying the dealer route I looked through the repair manual and it seems there is...
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    SOUTH BEND MANUFACTURER BREAK IN. Instructions from in the box

    Hey guys i looked and searched for this information and all i found was conflicting information. So here it is let me know if you can't​ read it Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
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    My JB4, stock clutch and CDV experience

    I know, with great power comes greater clutch requirements. This isn't about stock MT clutch gripes. just wanted to share. So around 10k on the odometer I installed JB4 and ran OTS map 6. I did do a pull or two on map 1&2 but all daily was on map 6. I have no other supporting mods as i don't...
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    Muffle Delete in cabin drone reduction

    Hey guys, so I have a muffle delete and my only gripe was between 2k to 3k rpm I had a noticable volume increase in cabin from the delete. I think where they cut for the Y pipe was the source of my problem Basically its right under where the spare tire sits and thats just a thin aluminum piece...
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    Mechanical difference between 2015 TDI 2.0 and GTD

    As the title states curious to know since GTD has its own sub-forum. I know what the numbers are just want to what is mechanically different as in parts between TDI 2.0 and GTD aside from NA spec emissions parts and the fact that they are not in the US yet Sent from my SM-N900V using Tapatalk