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    Relative Fuel Economy

    Tell me you've never been in a Starbucks without actually telling me you've never been in a Starbucks.
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    Suspect steals Winnebago RV and crashes into my R

    Yeah, that’s the spot I’m in with my R. My GTI is paid for and current loan rates are bad enough I’d prefer to pay cash, which isn’t a move I was planning on. I could take the risk that I’d be able to refinance, but not sure I want to bet on when that might happen.
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    I got rocked by an m4

    No matter, @El_bigote_AJ will just make fun of whatever you end up with.
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    I got rocked by an m4

    Surely there's an onboard device you can get that corrects for this, correct? If the Hummer H1 can inflate and deflate tires on the move, surely we can create a pump to correct for tidal forces down to the minute, right? Think of the lives we could save at Cars & Coffee if we just got Ford to...
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    I got rocked by an m4

    Do you know the build date? What was the temperature, humidity and elevation when they were installed an how tall was the installer, in cm?
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    Suspect steals Winnebago RV and crashes into my R

    You had those wheels like a month, right? Guess you can get the one replaced on the cheap from Apex, it looks like it held up pretty well, all things considered. Glad you and your kid are okay. My wife and I totaled three cars in 10 months, all fault free, but I'm still dealing with raised...
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    Potholes and cracked wheels

    Never hurts to have less wheel and more tire, going 17 is a great move. I've got 17x9 with 255/40-17s for my Mk8 R. I have the wheels before the car. I may get bored and throw them on the GTI if this takes much longer though.
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    The classy alcoholics thread

    Is this the silly provance argument? I’m more of a rye drinker than bourbon, but Texas does some decent bourbons. Not sure we’re there yet with ryes, but Garrison is pretty close.
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    The classy alcoholics thread

    How do I not know about this? It’s an hour away. I just got back from Kentucky today and now I need to buy some Texas bourbon.
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    Tire Reccomendations

    Would be nice if they'd make a decent 200tw, or at least something more aggressive than the PS4S. Cups and Cup2 are silly money and are at best, single lap glory tires.
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    Baun FMIC, AP Tuner and Sportshifter knob

    I'm only selling it to buy a black GT1 with blue alcantara for my Mk8 R. I debated just getting a new top cap for this one and running it with the stitching facing forward so you don't see it. If the Mk8 didn't have such a blue attack inside, I would probably be fine with this one.
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    Baun FMIC, AP Tuner and Sportshifter knob

    It’s 294g with the adapter mount, so looks like a Medium.
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    Baun FMIC, AP Tuner and Sportshifter knob

    FMIC is sold, AP Tuner and SportShifter are still available.
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    Twisted Sisters Run - Gauging Interest

    I’d be down for this on a weekend too.
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    Mk7.5 Golf R Neuspeed Catback (SWFL)

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    Found a few CPO Spektrum R's for sale

    Once the Mk8 inventory builds up, this silliness will end. The used pricing for Mk8 R’s is messing up the whole market. On the flip side, it does make me consider taking my normal Mk8 R and selling it for sticker if my 20AE allocation comes in. I figure it would be very easy to sell at...
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    Official APEX VW VS-5RS Forged 17" Wheel Thread

    I got mine in Texas on Friday, just as a data point.