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  1. IanCH

    IE Downpipe - GTI/FWD - BNIB

    Asking $750 OBO Local pickup eastern MA, meet half way possible. Could ship, but its not going to be cheap to do that. Downpipe has never been installed and is brand new.
  2. IanCH

    TAW Customs Steering Wheel

    - TAW Customs Steering Wheel - $600 local pickup in greater boston MA, willing to ship at buyers expense. Like new condition, on the car for ~8k miles
  3. IanCH

    Mk7.5 GTI Part Out [MA] - New IE Downpipe, OEM NA Tails, TAW Steering Wheel and more

    Prefer local pickup for all parts, greater Boston meet half way. - IE GTI Downpipe BNIB - $750 - TAW Customs Steering Wheel - $600 - Eurosport Rear X-Brace - $160 (you will need to buy this...
  4. IanCH

    AC blowing too cold (temp setting problem)

    Anyone else encountered the AC blowing way colder than it should? I use the auto temp settings and if I have the AC off and set it to 70 its nice comfortable temperature, if I set the AC on it gets suuuper cold and I have to raise the set temp to like 78 to have the right temp. It's either a...
  5. IanCH

    "Automatic Picture Size" max width?

    I manually go in and shrink the width of my pictures to make them not massive - Sometimes the auto width selector makes the picture really huge. Could the forum settings be changed so the default max width is like 1000-1200? makes it a lot easier to read posts and anyone can still click on a...