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  1. cb1111

    It'll be interesting to read the background on this

    Michigan wheel manufacturer raided by FBI (
  2. cb1111

    Who knows about Macs

    I'm completely Mac illiterate. My sister has two old (one very old) Mac laptops that no longer boot (the newer one is missing the battery and the other one starts to boot then powers down She has photos on the laptops that she'd like to get off. Can I just pull the hard drives, stick them into...
  3. cb1111

    Television recommendations

    In my home office I have a 2008 Samsung 46 inch 720p TV that is starting to die (periodically gets a vertical black line about a third in - not awful but annoying) and the thing is ancient - I probably got my money's worth. In my family room I have a 50 inch Samsung UN50H5203AFXZA (so mid level...
  4. cb1111

    Who can talk to me about hardware VPNs

    I have a client with three offices - DC, Albuquerque and Germany. It is one person operation. His main office is in DC and while he uses a VPN for security on the road, he'd like something that won't slow him down (like a regular VPN) and requires zero skills once set up at his other offices...
  5. cb1111

    Gear lever trim Service Action - for those of you who don't frequent the "other" section

    There is a service Action by VW to replace the trim that can peel and become a dangerous question (1) Recall on gear shifter trim | Page 2 | GOLFMK7 - VW GTI MKVII Forum / VW Golf R Forum / VW Golf MKVII Forum It isn't a recall, but for all practical purposes it is.
  6. cb1111

    This whole craziness has got me thinking about pricing

    I'm not in the market - and not planning on being in the market, but has anyone recently used the Partner Program to buy a car? IIRC, the Partner Program gave you pricing of $500 under invoice OR $500 off your negotiated price? When I got my Alltrack in Nov 2020 (before the insanity), I used...
  7. cb1111

    Stellantis (FCA) going electric

    and each company has their own motto Abarth - „Heating Up People, But Not the Planet“ Alfa Romeo - „From 2024, Alfa Becomes Alfa e-Romeo“ Chrysler - „Clean Technology for a New Generation of Families“ Citroën - „Citroën Electric: Well-Being for All!“ Dodge - „Tear up the streets… But Not the...
  8. cb1111

    Anybody running Win 11?

    Upgrade was no different from the usual Win10 updates. Search bar gone and replaced by an icon - so an additional step to look for something, but I suspect few people used the search bar. Start button and all of the task bar icons centered now (that takes some getting used to) Those goofy tiles...
  9. cb1111

    WTB - OE Volkswagen 17" wheel - either Tronic or Vision V, maybe Classic-X

    Looking for something as a winter wheel - a bit early so I have time to find what I want. Last year I was looking at a set of Classic-X and was told they don't fit the Alltrack. Come to find out that they do and I hope I didn't piss the seller off too much - he said "they should fit" but ECS...
  10. cb1111

    I never thought I'd post this - LED retrofits

    While still illegal in the US, Osram just had a LED headlight retrofit approved in Germany and Austria. The list of approved vehicles is very short, but it is a promising start. This does not mean that LED retrofits in general are a good idea. In this case, Osram threw a lot of money at...
  11. cb1111

    The definitive dashcam thread

    Dashcam comments, opinions and recommendations (some with install instructions) are scattered throughout the forum - but searching doesn't really yield useable results. What I'd like to do here is consolidate all those suggestions, install videos etc. into one thread that people can find. Here...
  12. cb1111

    I've always hated questions like these

    But which of these 16" wheels (for winter use) look the most OEM-ish for my 2019 Platinum gray Alltrack. I had some on order, but the order was cancelled because one wheel was out of stock. Alutec Grip Alutec Monstr Borbet Type Y Borbet RE My requirements are that the wheels are...
  13. cb1111

    Anybody in the greater DC area need some parts for a 1999-2003 Lexus RX-300?

    I have 4 wheels/tires (one brand new, never been on the car - it was the spare), 16 lug nuts and 4 locking nuts - with the key of course, trunk mat, cargo cover, ProClip vehicle mount (for your cell phone) and the CD changer cartridge. I need this stuff out of the garage, so no reasonable offer...
  14. cb1111

    Looks like I'm officially back with a VW

    For a while now I've been looking for a wagon and decided on an Alltrack SEL. I almost pulled the trigger on a black one, but it got sold out from under me since I was waffling too long on the color. I was then looking at one in Albuquerque because business was going to take me to Santa Fe...
  15. cb1111

    WTB, some sort of 16/17 inch wheel to fit Alltrack without hubcentric rings

    I Need something for winter tires in the greater DC area. I need the wheels to use the stock lugbolts. They should look halfway decent but don't need to be perfect. Nothing black please.
  16. cb1111

    Can someone in ABQ do me a favor?

    I just bought the 2019 gray over marrakesh brown Alltrack SEL at University VW and am curious if somebody might have a moment to drive by and give it a quick visual once-over as I'm going to get it shipped sometime this coming week. I'm only really interested in making sure that there are no...
  17. cb1111

    WTB - OE 16" wheels for use with winter tires on Alltrack

    Looking for a set of OE wheels that will clear the brakes on a 2019 Alltrack. Should have mid-40's offset and be in decent condition. Ideally located in the greater DC area.
  18. cb1111

    Pulsing brakes - warped rotors or brake deposits

    Yes, I spend lots of time doing fun stuff like looking at recalls and the like. Today, a coworker asked about his "warped rotors" on his Civic, so I found this. What is interesting, is that it includes pictures of the different types of problems that could mimic warped rotors. Accordingly, I...
  19. cb1111

    Does anybody know how much money is in the '19 Alltrack?

    Up until the beginning of September, there was $4k in rebates in the Sportwagen/Alltrack and had the 0/72 financing. The 0/72 went away and VW threw some trunk money at the dealers instead of the rebates. Does anyone know how much?
  20. cb1111

    PSA - VW Partner Program

    Maybe old news, but I just found out that the Sports Car club of America (SCCA) and USA Cycling are no longer part of the VW Partner Program, so no more $500 discount. The relationship ended in March. For those not familiar with the program, the discount gives you $500 off either: The invoice...