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  1. Faceman

    034 front sway bar issue

    Has anyone else had an issue where their 034 front sway bar makes contact with their CV shafts? I had the endlinks swapped to the softer(outer) positions and adjustable links lengthened and I believe the issue is now gone, but wish I could swap back to firm to match the rear. Is it possible...
  2. Faceman

    Mechanical Noise Upon Acceleration

    After experiencing some wheelhop at the drag strip, I noticed a new noise. Upon acceleration, under boost or not, there is now a mechanical type whining noise. I don't believe it's the turbo due to the frequency is related to vehicle speed and not engine speed or boost level. I have since...
  3. Faceman

    Aftermarket intake with dry filter?

    Other than the AFE intake, I'm having a difficult time finding one that includes a dry filter. The VWR R600 is interesting, but how well does a foam filter work compared to your typical dry filter? I understand the HP gains are almost nil, I'm just looking for a little turbo noise. Thanks.