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  1. GTIfan99

    Suffolk OBD 11 battery programming help

    Anyone in Suffolk Zip 23434 could help my son out? He's got a GTI and needs to do the obd11 setup for new battery.
  2. GTIfan99

    Jim Lloyd 5/13/1948 till 5/25/2022

    The below was shared with the permission of his ex wife Lisa. I let her and his family know how missed he'll be in our little VW community here and how beloved he was. Pour one out for our homie @jimlloyd40 "Never thought I would have to write an eulogy & figured I better start before Jim...
  3. GTIfan99

    The Official Mayo Containment Thread

    After being disappointed that there is not an actual Mayo Forum, I've started this thread for all things Mayo.
  4. GTIfan99

    Electric Hot Hatch

    Thoughts? Doesn't look bad. AWD 329 hp.
  5. GTIfan99

    Lets do a Jetta TDI Cup racing series in iracing.

    Who wants to do a spec racing series? What night is best? What tracks do you want to run?
  6. GTIfan99

    17 x 7.5 Konig Runlites black with new tires

    As title says 17 x 7.5 Konig Runlites black with new tires. Tires are 225/45 17 Falken FK510's. Wheels were used for autocross for 2 seasons with 245 200tw tires with no issues, no spacers needed for PP brakes, will not fit BBK without spacers. $650 and I'm in the Jacksonville, FL area. Will...
  7. GTIfan99

    Anyone had windshield replaced on mk7.5 GTI with rainsensor and the crash avoidance options?

    Dealer is saying it will take 5 hours and cost $750 to re-calibrate the car, requiring all sensors to be recalibrated and an alignment done. I thought the windshield with the one round spot was just the rain sensor and the crash avoidance sensors were behind the VW emblem. Anyone know if this...
  8. GTIfan99

    Antigravity 20 CEL 600 CCA Lithiun Ion Battery

    I'm getting ready to install and have everything prepped to go. I'm give the parts I used and I'll add some pics tomorrow. I'll update with install pics and instruction. Please don't turn this thread into a discussion of why AGM is better, the cost etc... This is not a cheap way to replace...
  9. GTIfan99

    Anyone know how to turn off the speed safety infotainment restrictions in a mk7.5 base stereo

    As title says. It's annoying that I can't adjust treble, mids and bass while driving.
  10. GTIfan99

    cheap alternative - gt3 ducts

    Don't use these. While we don't know if they are better or worse at cooling with data, I can tell you that they constantly contact speed bumps and debris, break and get misaligned. It just isn't worth it. Stick to the RS3 deflectors.
  11. GTIfan99

    Base mk7.5 system with JL C1 650 and JBL GTO 629

    I was looking to do an inexpensive, easy upgrade to the factory base system and didn't want to add a lot of weight. I decided to start with speakers and decide if I needed more. I did the woofers and tweeters in front first, huge difference, but the rears were still awful, which meant I had...
  12. GTIfan99

    Review of APR roll control springs

    After a few weeks, and after getting over the initial disappointment with the springs lowering the car more than advertised, I'd like to offer a review. My goal for this car is replicating the spirit of the CSS with my 2019 Rabbit GTI, thus why I wanted less than an inch drop and nothing too...
  13. GTIfan99

    Consolidated Macan Brembo upgrade thread (READ FIRST POST)

    One person is currently having a possible issue with Castrol SRF brake fluid and the seals in these calipers. Until this issue is verified and a solution found, I would avoid using it for now. Several of us have had good luck with Motul 600 and 660. Also, for some reason it's harder to get all...
  14. GTIfan99

    Planning on 245/40 17 Hankook RS4. Better options???

    Planning on 245/40 17 Hankook RS4. Better options for tracking??? My goal is ease of fitment, low cost, good wear. 245/40 17 is one of the cheaper sizes in the 200tw world. They'll be on a 17 x 7.5 because that's the size wheel I have and I don't want to buy new ones because my wife will not...