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  1. tigeo

    How-to: modify RS3 brake ducts to fit Superpro aluminum LCAs

    In case anyone wants to see how to modify the RS3 brake ducts to fit the Superpro aluminum's minor. Snip one guide off and drill a hole. Fits very tight now, before they were a bit loose without the hole. On the stock base-Golf LCAs I only had to snip off the most inward guide (and...
  2. tigeo

    Suspension measurements and surprising findings on my Sportwagen - B8s/H&R Sport setup

    So I decided to nerd-out as I do and do some suspension measurements to figure my droop and bump travel. My setup is GSW w/4Mo + DSG, Bilstein B8s, Eurosport Street camber mounts, H&R Sport springs. Beyond those primary bits, I have H&R f./r. upgraded sway bars (27mm/25mm, respectively), 034...
  3. tigeo

    Can someone update the Dragy sheet? It's been a while.

    Anyone? Who is keeping this up? Submitted some times a while back and still don't see them. Thanks if someone can do that.
  4. tigeo

    LCAs, deadset kit, FSB, full dogbone compliment - my thoughts

    So after a week, here are my thoughts on the latest round of chassis/suspension/mount bits I added to my Sportwagen. Current setup is H&R Sport springs, Bilstein B8s, Euro Sport camber mounts (added), H&R 25mm RSB w/Moog end links, 034 r. subframe inserts, Tyrolsport f. deadset kit (added), H&R...
  5. tigeo

    Any way to change steering limit/end stops?

    After install of my Superpro LCAs and Euro Sport Camber mounts my APR BBK rotors are rubbing the LCA at full turn limit. Is there a way to change where that limit is on these cars? Not hard to just not turn to lock but would be great of there is a way to just adjust it.
  6. tigeo

    Timing chain tensioner issue

    Sounds like I'm getting some chain slap on start up once in a while, goes away quickly but it's there. Anyone have experience with this on the gen 3 1.8 or 2.0? What I'm really looking for are the channels to look at and specs for the chain to check for stretch - I'm guessing it's just the...
  7. tigeo

    Combining rear deadset kit with rear subframe inserts....possible?

    Is it possible to use both a rear deadset kit (Tyrolsport, ECS, other) with the rear subframe bushing inserts (034, CTS, other)? They seem to accomplish different things - deadset kit (bolts/collars) to line it up/keep the subframe from shifting and the inserts to keep remove movement in the...
  8. tigeo

    Carbon cleaning pics - 73K miles IS38 FBO blah blah blah

    Don't look bad at all. Had shop replace my water pump/thermostat b/c it was time - leaking got pretty consistent. They were in there so why not. No trouble/issues/misfires.
  9. tigeo

    Superpro LCAs - talk to me

    Looking at these for my Sportwagen. They add 1 deg of caster and 0.5 deg neg camber. For those that have them, any downsides? I don't think I'm low enough to have drama (just H&R Sport springs) and don't run crazy wheel fitment - just 18/8.5 et 45s with 235s. I am curious if the RS3 brake...
  10. tigeo

    What is the obsession with plugs to fix KR in the MK7 world?

    I get that the plugs need to be replaced more regularly on tuned MK7s but why do folks always think timing corrections/KR/"knock" is always plug/plug gap related? To me, plugs can be the source of misfires and KR is almost always fuel-quality related.
  11. tigeo

    Second HPDE at VIR download/discussion

    Here is some info etc. from my second HPDE experience at VIR with the PCC Audi Club. Car: Tires. The PS4 all seasons actually do v. well for a novice driver like me, the main issue is melting/chunks/wear from the lack of camber and my novice driving skills in some corners – these are not cheap...
  12. tigeo

    Oil temp study

    Oil temps. I read things all the time online that will state things like “XYZ oil dropped my oil temps 10 degrees” etc. I’ve never bought it. Here are my data. From my testing, it’s all based on ambient temp, RPM, and incline/decline of the road. I also believe elevation has an impact b/c it...
  13. tigeo

    APR BBK review

    APR BBK review. The car. 2018 Golf Sportwagen w/4Motion, IS38, all the blah blah blahs. My car came stock with 288 fronts that I upgraded to the base GTI/Alltrack 312s with Yellowstuff pads, ss lines, RS3 ducts, Stoptech Sport slotted rotors, and Neuspeed SS lines. This kit BTW is for sale...
  14. tigeo

    Complete 312mm brake upgrade for Golf/Golf Sportwagen

    Bundlemania direct-fit brake kit. This will upgrade your Golf/Golf Sportwagen with factory 288mm front rotors to 312mm (same as base GTI and Alltrack). Includes: Calipers with 312mm carriers. Good condition. Sliders are greased and move freely. You will re-use your caliper mounting bolts...
  15. tigeo

    Is the dragy sheet being updated?

    ? Submitted new numbers earlier this year and see the submittal logged in the form response tab but no-go in the results sheet.
  16. tigeo

    Coilover question - adj preload vs. adj shock body

    Coilover question for the suspension gurus out there. I am trying to deal with this in my head and struggling for some reason. Some coil overs have both an adjustable shock body and adjustable pre-load. Some have adjustable pre-load only. On the adjustable shock body coil overs, you are...
  17. tigeo

    DSG jumping out of gear on take off

    Currently getting an intermittent issue with the DSG in my 2018 Sportwagen. Car is tuned with Unitronic software (ECU/TCU) and has the customary bolt-ons. From a standstill in D/S/M, occasionally when releasing the brake to pull away, it will momentarily hop out of gear before jumping back in...
  18. tigeo

    Custom tuning for the 1.8 from EQT now available

    Looks like custom tuning with EQT is now available for our platform: "Hi, just last week ECUTek announced 1.8T flashing compatibility. So we would need to use ECUTek. ECUTek is custom tune only as we don't have staged tunes for that. So you would need to go to custom tune product page, select...
  19. tigeo

    What is the obsession with warranties?

    Over and over you read threads where the warranty is a prominent component of the ownership experience for some. You read of folks paying to have a shop look over the car with a fine-toothed comb before the warranty runs out to hand the list to the dealer of things to fix. Nearly every mod...