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  1. Dog Dad Wagon

    MK7 Parts/Consumables FS in Philly

    All, I just moved and while going through all my stuff uncovered a few car parts from my previous MK7’s that I no longer need to keep around. I am located in Philly. I have the following: 1. 16” steel winter wheels w/ 2015/55/r16 General Altimax Arctic directional winter tires. They have 1.5...
  2. Dog Dad Wagon

    Leftover DSG Oil: Free Pickup in Philly

    All, I just moved and while going through all my stuff uncovered a few car parts from my previous MK7’s that I no longer need to keep around. I have an opened bottle of OEM DSG oil that is ~ 80% full or more. Yours for free if you pick it up from me in Philly or near my office in Media.
  3. Dog Dad Wagon

    SE PA / Philly / South Jersey Autobody Recs?

    Hi team, I was rear ended in my new to me Touareg last weekend and need a good shop for the repairs. Just looking for some recommendations in the Philly area, and I am willing to drive an hour or so for the right place. My parents want me to go to Carsmetics in Mount Laurel which does tons of...
  4. Dog Dad Wagon

    Touareg Mechanic in Philly, South Jersey, Wilmington area?

    I know this isn’t the Touareg forums but I already posted this there, just cross posting for max exposure. I just got a T4 Touareg and am looking for an experienced Touareg/Q7/Cayenne mechanic, independent or even a known Master tech at a VW dealer. Willing to travel up to 1.5 hours from Philly...
  5. Dog Dad Wagon

    Body Shops in Philly

    Anyone know a good body shop in Philly? My gf’s car was hit last week and needs some body work. Looking for some good shops. thanjs in advance
  6. Dog Dad Wagon

    BNIB Superpro Mounts - $1K OBO

    All in the title. I bought these from another member a few months back. I am selling my car to Vroom so these are up for sale. Please DM me.
  7. Dog Dad Wagon

    FS: 19 Alltrack SE/6MT/GFG/Marrakesh/18.2K miles, $31K

    I have a vroom offer for 29.5K which I plan to accept by 11/14 if nobody steps forward in the next couple days to purchase my 2019 Great Falls Green Alltrack SE with Lighting Package and 6-speed manual. Car has 18.2K miles and is overly maintained (5K OCI, both brakes and Haldex have already...
  8. Dog Dad Wagon

    WTS $800: BNIB Golf 7R B6 + OEM R Estate Springs

    I have for sale BNIB Golf 7R B6 F+R, as well as 5K mile take-off 6MT Golf R front hatch springs w/ BNIB R Estate Rear Springs. The B6 were $600 ordered new, and the R Estate Springs were $~250 after the exchange rate + shipping. 6MT R front hatch springs were $75. This is the perfect OEM+...
  9. Dog Dad Wagon

    Car Prices Increasing... Again!

    Car prices are about to soar again. Blame Hurricane Ida
  10. Dog Dad Wagon

    Why The American Car Market Sucks: a Microcosm

    So I follow an Instagram page that’s local to Philly called “cheesesteak motorwerkes.” The guy who runs the page valets at some place called the Union League, so he gets to see all kinds of cool cars. He also just posts cool finds around the city. Yesterday he posted a poll asking whether you’d...
  11. Dog Dad Wagon

    Philly Area PDR Recs?

    All in the title. Selling the car next week and want to address the few minor dings I’ve got.
  12. Dog Dad Wagon

    Offered 32K for 2019 Alltrack SE, considering options

    Hey guys, a few months back I made a post on VWVortex seeking someone to trade their DSG Alltrack for my 6MT Alltrack. A gentleman reached out today offering 32K cash for mine, a pretty difficult deal to pass up. I presently owe a bit less than 20K on the car, so I'd see a substantial bit back...
  13. Dog Dad Wagon

    FS: Base Golf Leatherette Seats, Black

    I have a full set of 2019 Alltrack S/SE seats in Black, with ~14,500 miles of use over the course of 1 year and 4 months. There’s no cosmetic issues with any of them, even the bolsters look new. $500 OBO picked up / in-person meet up within 2 hours of Philadelphia. def not shipping these bad...
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  15. Dog Dad Wagon

    WTB RSE05, Philly Area

    Location: Philadelphia Title says it all. About to trade my RSE10s for marrakesh interior, will be riding on my winters until i replace the RSE10's. RSE05's are ideal, but will consider alternative 17" 5-spoke, or similar understated design. Summer tires are a no-go, must be UHP AS. DWS06 or...
  16. Dog Dad Wagon

    WTT: 6MT R Hatch front springs for DSG R hatch front springs

    All in the title. I have all the parts ready for a Golf R suspension upgrade on my Alltrack, but in an effort to minimize lowering I would prefer to install DSG R Front springs on my 6MT Alltrack over my 6MT R front springs. Since the DSG weighs about 100 lbs more than the 6MT the DSG R’s...
  17. Dog Dad Wagon

    RSB/Endlink Adjustment Needed Philly/South Jersey area

    LAst year i upgraded my stock suspension alltrack to Superpro RSB + Superpro Endlinks. It was great for 2 weeks, and then the endlinks loosened and i got horrifying crunchy metallic pings and clangs and bangs. brought it back to the same guy who installed and he re-tightened. it was better for...
  18. Dog Dad Wagon

    BES Lift w/ OEM R Springs + R B6 on Alltrack?

    Suspension guys, I have never upgraded suspension on a car before and I’m at a cross-roads I didn’t anticipate being in before I pulled the trigger on my current upgrade path. when I initially purchased Golf R hatch front springs and R Estate rear springs and Golf R B6’s, I was under the...
  19. Dog Dad Wagon

    WTT: My Bronze RSE10’s w/ AS4’s for Your RSE05’s w/ UHP AS + cash

    Title says it all. I have 5 18x8.5 RSE10’s wrapped in 235/40 AS4’s, 4 of which have 4K miles, the last of which has never been mounted (spare). The RSE10’s are ceramic coated, and 2 wheels have 1 rock chip on them. I put 235/45/17 DWS06 on my GF’s TDI this week and I enjoy the ride so much more...