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    Mk7 Golf r dcc vs non dcc springs

    The op is talking DCC vs none DCC. Not Manual vs DSG. In my opinion weight difference is marginal.
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    Mk7 Golf r dcc vs non dcc springs

    All springs fit DCC or no DCC, manual and DSG, just need to adjust it with VCDS/OBD eleven
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    RPM / Tach signal for dyno

    Forget it, obd or rev match with operator
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    APR DTR vs. IE 2260

    Polar FIS is a nice gadget LOL
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    TTE Race Turbo for APR Stage 2. Anyone ??

    Get an IS38+ from EQT
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    Powermax Stage 2 for sale, BNIB!!!

    You have to put the price, please read the rules
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    Gt2260s issues after install

    How is the custom tune doing?
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    What software version is this preh unit, 0478?
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    Gt2260s issues after install

    That turbo comes with cartridge prelubed, did you check or added oil it when installing?
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    Gt2260s issues after install

    What the f*, guarantee asap, at least you avoided a disaster
  11. J

    Oil around filler cap

    Great find! How does rubber handle?
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    Gt2260s issues after install

    My guess is you have a boost leak, the noise is like a hose is about to pop completely (maybe a vacuum or something on the discharge because you are hitting good boost) and you have a code aiming towards the TB. Check the turbo discharge pipe. I am also tuned by Matt and also have a 2260 on 16 R.
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    (SOLD) 2016 (GTI) S 2 Door PP, LP, 6MT Vortex XL

    Somebody buy this car asap!
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    Anyone fitted a highline reversing camera?

    Can it be done with ODIS offline? Where do you find XML files
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    What maps can be loaded?
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    New Garrett Turbos for MQB

    623 NM peak on the same clutch LOL
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    New Garrett Turbos for MQB

    Sachs Performance Organic, more than proven on mk5/6 platform, rated 404 ft-lbs to the wheels