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  1. Dyoshi

    Will_s Night Blue GTI daily turned track build

    I would not be surprised if you get close or even match your GTI time with non 200tw tires, easily doable with. The new GR86 is very quick around my local tracks in the hands of a capable driver. Have fun out there!
  2. Dyoshi

    Will_s Night Blue GTI daily turned track build

    How much was the GR86? I saw one at a local car dealer with 1k miles and the A/T for $35K 😫
  3. Dyoshi

    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Installed Silvers NEOMAX Coilovers w/ custom spring rates (6K front, 8K rear). About 25.5” FTG all around, getting aligned tomorrow and taking it to an autoX for a shakedown Memorial Day. Troubleshooted clunking both front and rear the last few days and I think we narrowed it down to height...
  4. Dyoshi

    DerHase's 2019 GTI Rabbit Edition: HPDE shenanigans

    Is it just me, or do you get squeaky brakes just before coming to stops? I ran DS2500 fronts for several months w/ no noise, then added rears recently and noticed it coming to a stop every time. I also agree the DS2500 does not cut it for continuous lapping in a single session. You can slowly...
  5. Dyoshi

    Show me your 17’s!

    Stock suspension Enkei TFR 17x8 +45 (Tirerack says 18lbs per wheel) Hankook RS-4 235/45/r17 I really like the copper color, was always a fan of bronze but these look pretty good My only issue with 17” wheels is the rather small clearance between the wheel inner barrel and PP brakes. I got a...
  6. Dyoshi

    Manual gearchange woes

    If you’re shifting at or below 2K RPM and fairly slow, then I can see how it will cause the tach to dip further than what you need, and still cause a jerky shift. My piece of advice would be to watch the tach as the clutch engages, and see if it increases or decreases when the car jerks. This...
  7. Dyoshi

    Manual gearchange woes

    I think 1st to 2nd has a jerky shift because you are not letting the revs drop enough. The gear ratios between 1st to 2nd are pretty wide, but get closer as you shift into higher gears, which you will notice because you are able to shift “quicker” (not hold in clutch as long to let revs drop) as...
  8. Dyoshi

    FS: set of 4x Nokian WR G4, 225/40R18, <1000 miles near Seattle WA (SOLD)

    If @glitronic does not pick these up, I’d love to take these off your hands for $300. Also looking to make snowboarding trips to Stevens this year.
  9. Dyoshi

    Brake cooling ducts: Any interest?

    I purchased the left and right RS3 brake ducts for ~$53 on eBay, but haven’t installed them yet. I’m planning to install them in the next week or two when I rotate tires, but I would be interested in buying a pair if you guys can do some testing and show noticeably improved temps between your...
  10. Dyoshi

    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Put in a H&R 26mm rear sway bar with rattle canned Moog end links. Seems like the standard setup for a lot of folks on here to help the car rotate more and reduce understeer. Also got an OBDeleven to turn off ESC completely.
  11. Dyoshi

    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Thanks! I wanted to get it in Storm Grey originally, but they were OOS. The copper is really growing on me, however.
  12. Dyoshi

    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Installed new wheels and tires: Enkei TFR 17x8 ET45 Hankook Ventus R-S4 235/45R17