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  1. Mk7Matt

    Raceseng Spherology Shift Knob

    Anybody interested in a Raceseng Spherology shift knob and Audi/VW adapter? This knob weighs in at 447g and has a great feel to it. Shift gate pattern isn’t 100% correct but it didn’t bother me. Looking for $100 obo.
  2. Mk7Matt

    Hardware needed for Clutch Install

    I’m going to be installing my new clutch soon and am putting together a list of replacement hardware. Does anyone know the part number for the 4 bolts that mount the VAQ to the transmission?
  3. Mk7Matt

    WTB: Fluidampr 551231

    Looking to buy a fluidampr 551231. Thought I’d try here before buying new/. Thanks!
  4. Mk7Matt

    APR boost leak tester - SOLD

    Don’t need it anymore as it will not work with my turbo. SOLD
  5. Mk7Matt

    APR 30psi Boost Gauge - SOLD!

    APR boost gauge. Has it's own MAP sensor. Reads up to 30 psi and is perfect for you is20 and is38 guys. You will need to source your own boost tap. SOLD!
  6. Mk7Matt

    IE Turbo Inlet - SOLD

  7. Mk7Matt

    Eurocode Turbo Muffler Delete - SOLD

  8. Mk7Matt

    ECS Upgraded Breather Hose - SOLD

  9. Mk7Matt


  10. Mk7Matt

    Please Delete

    Looking to buy a Dragy. PM me if you're interested in selling. Thanks!
  11. Mk7Matt

    Unitronic IC + bi-cooler?

    Anybody running a bi-cooler with their Unitronic IC? I don’t like how much my iats are increasing over a 3-4 pull and am wondering if a bi-cooler would help? I’m also wondering if anybody has run a bi-cooler with a Unitronic turbo discharge pipe? If I end up going this route I hope the hoses...
  12. Mk7Matt

    Sold: Sprint Booster

  13. Mk7Matt

    WTB: APR A01 Wheels

    Probably a long shot, but I'm looking for a set of 4 APR A01 wheels. 18x8.5, preferably black or gunmetal. Let me know what you have. Thanks!
  14. Mk7Matt

    Ross-Tech Micro-Can VCDS Cable - SOLD

  15. Mk7Matt

    6MT Fluid Recommendation

    I'm going to be changing my manual transmission fluid and was wondering what fluid you used when you did your service. What has your experience been like with your non-oe fluid? I like to drive spiritly on occasion and will find a stretch of road to log periodically, otherwise I don't push the...
  16. Mk7Matt

    FS: Unitronic Turbo Discharge Pipe and Silicone Couplers

    Decided to put the stock pipe back in when I was trying to track down a possible boost leak. Dyno’d the car without it and decided not to put it back in. Some minor scuffs on the powder coat from installation/removal. Doubt that anyone will notice once installed. Does not come with clamps...
  17. Mk7Matt

    Unitronic Downpipe Adapter UH009-EX3 3" TO 65MM REDUCER FOR MQB AWD

    Brand new still in the bubble wrap. Went a different route and no longer need. $50 shipped.
  18. Mk7Matt

    GFB DV+ - SOLD!

  19. Mk7Matt

    FS: Cobb Accessport and Tunes for GTI

    FS: Cobb Accessport and Tunes for GTI-SOLD Sold
  20. Mk7Matt

    FS: Forge BOV

    SOLD Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk