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    Anyone in Vancouver/TriCities with an OBDEleven?

    Hey guys anyone around the GVRD with an OBDEleven and some time to spare to help me recode a new larger battery?
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    Can anyone help me pick up a WinBook TW801 tablet?

    Hey guys I did some Windows updates (stupidly) on my TW700 tablet and now the touchscreen is not working. I've tried reapplying drivers and it's a no go. It's the best value there is for a tuning tablet. Anyways, can anyone help me out and buy a TW801 from MicroCenter and ship it out to me...
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    Crap, jammed up the little drawer!

    Hey guys You know the little compartment to the left of our steering wheel? It's right under our headlight switch...? I put something in there that's a little too tall then I forced it closed and now it's jammed and the object inside won't let it open. Is there anyway to get the little door...
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    (Vancouver)FS: Michelin X-Ice Xi3 205/55R16 w/ 16 inch steelies

    Selling my set of Michelin X-Ice Xi3 205/55R16. I bought them new November 2014 last year. They've only been on the car for one winter. Tread is deep and like new. They make for an amazing winter tire. I only needed it for a brief trip into Tofino. Tires are mounted on 16 inch steelies with...
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    VCDS in Lower Mainland?

    Hey guys! Anybody in the lower mainland want a case of beer or anything for a few minutes of their time? With this heat I wanna get the windows open fob function working.
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    Getting 1st oil change done early

    I've seen more than a few of you guys getting your first oil change out of the way. Note that here in Canada, we don't get any free services. So the first is supposed to be done at 15,000KM but I'm almost at 11,000KM and I'd like to get it done early especially before a road trip in September...
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    Going WOT with ESC on: is this normal?

    Hey guys So I've got almost 10,000 km on the odo and have had the Eurodyne stage 1.5 tune on it for a few thousand kms already with no problems. Otherwise car is stock everything. When I accelerate hard from a stop (or even a slow roll) with traction control on, the front tires feel like they...
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    Happy Valentine's Day

    Typing one-handed. Sorry. Other driver turned left on me. I was just entering intersection on green when it turned yellow. Good thing I've got dashcam to back it up but ICBC (our govt car insurance monopoly) says doesn't matter, it's their fault for unsafe turn. Had only 5000KM. I REALLY...
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    Auto leveling headlights - how do they work?

    Obviously this is about cars with the LP package. I've seen people say that our headlights come with auto leveling capability but how does this work exactly? When I go over a speed bump, I don't see the headlights dip down and up. Of course when the car starts up you can see them move around...