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  1. Baldilocks73

    FS: Milltek Cerakote Black Oval Exhaust Tips

    Selling all 4 for $250 shipped.
  2. Baldilocks73

    FS: Milltek Non-Valved, Non-Resonated R Exhaust

  3. Baldilocks73

    For Trade (Exhaust Tips)

    Would like to trade these black, ceramic coated 100mm Milltek exhaust tips for the equivelent Milltek chrome 100mm tips. Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  4. Baldilocks73

    WTB: Genuine Pretoria Wheels (Hyper Silver)

    Not looking to get beat up on price. Around $1200 pick up within an hour or two of 19701 (Northern, Delaware) or $100 shipping. Want them without any road rash. Normal wear is ok. Would like to see some pictures first.
  5. Baldilocks73

    FS: 19" Pretoria Reps

    Bought these to use as Winter Wheels, but selling them for some extra cash. They are gunmetal gray, not hyper silver like the OEM wheels. They are in "Like New" Condition. $500 pick up or $500 plus shipping.
  6. Baldilocks73

    *The Ugly VW Picture Thread*

    Well, to each his/her own, but this one isn't good. Share pics of the worst VW mods you've seen. :)
  7. Baldilocks73

    Delaware Coding...

    Anyone in Delaware want to code a couple simple changes for me? :) I'd like my DRLs to be a little brighter and also would like my dash illumination to be on whenever the car is started, regardless if the lights are on or not. Thanks.
  8. Baldilocks73

    APR Stage 3/3+ Updates

    Anyone else in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast region get an Email from APR about much anticipated software and hardware upgrades for those of us who purchased the kits? Looks like some APR engineers will be in Aberdeen, MD at New German Performance from December 12th-16th do upgrade the cars...
  9. Baldilocks73

    FS: Advanti Hybris DST

    Yes, they are practially brand new, but need to get rid of them. 19 X 8.5 No damage, dings, scratches, etc. Just the wheels only. Will ship for $750 or you can pick them up. Size: 19x8.5 Offset: 45mm Backspacing: 6.54" Bolt Pattern: 5-112 Rec. Tire Size: 235/35-19 Weight: 20.0 lbs. Finish...
  10. Baldilocks73

    Should I sell? (Advanti)

    Seriously considering selling my practically new Advanti Hybris wheels because I've got someone willing to sell their Pretorias for a great price.... ....thoughts?
  11. Baldilocks73

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thankgiving to all of my U.S. comrades. :)
  12. Baldilocks73

    Picking up a beater/daily driver.

    So, I've always admired th Mk4 Golf in any iteration, so I think I'm picking one up on Friday to be my daily driver. Trying to keep the miles off of the R -- and avoid deer this time of year going back and forth to work. It's a 2005 Silver Golf GL. It IS an automatic, but the price was right...
  13. Baldilocks73

    Custom Center Cap Logos

    Just in case some of you want the VW logo (or any other logo) on your aftermarket wheels, I found a website.
  14. Baldilocks73

    FS: Enkei TY-5 19 x 8 Wheels

    $1000 for local pickup. If you want them shipped, I'll have to add in another $100 for shiping. They are free of any damage. Wheels only. Location, Central Delaware.
  15. Baldilocks73

    Can't Change Settings While in Motion

    I was using a loaner from the dealer (2017 Jetta) and I noticed that you couldn't go into the settings menu while the car was in motion. Is this something new? Nothing is locked down on my 2015 Golf R. How about those with newer models?
  16. Baldilocks73

    OEM Golf R Intercooler

    Since I recently had the APR Intercooler installed, I am selling my stock unit. $200 + shipping to U.S. only.
  17. Baldilocks73

    Golf R Intake

    Since I recently had the APR Intercooler installed, I am selling my stock unit. $200 + shipping to U.S. only.
  18. Baldilocks73

    Blue APR R Boost Gauge

    Used for about 1500 miles. $219 Shipped. PM me. Paypal only. No shipping charges to U.S. This is the left hand drive unit.
  19. Baldilocks73

    United Motorsports Tune New.

    Just announced today. Someone has to be first. Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  20. Baldilocks73

    Nice to see fuel prices dropping....

    Just a few weeks ago, I was paying $3.39 for 93 Octane.