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  1. Shadowtuy

    Question: Will a MIB2.5 screen (9.2") fit a MIB2 system?

    Saw a screen on Ali Express and thought I would ask :v...
  2. Shadowtuy

    Need help looking up a replacement terminal pin

    So on connector 4D0 971 994 I need a replacement female pin and I have no idea on how to look it up. I have seen it called a 3.5 style but can't seem to match that anywhere. Little help?
  3. Shadowtuy

    Diesel Geek Short throw shifter kit Vs Audi OEM w/ solid endlinks

    I AGAIN am indecisive and need someone to decide for me! Links to what I mean: Diesel geek Sigma: Audi OEM Short throw:
  4. Shadowtuy

    18 8.5 +35 trying to avoid poke

    Have not ordered rim yet but I want some nice bronze ones. All the ones I like are +35 and I know it will poke out in the front a tad. My question is can I do anything to negate it? Roll the fenders? add a bit of camber (a VERY small amount) Or wait till someone makes what I want? lol
  5. Shadowtuy

    Ebay spoiler question! (name and product review)

    I'm curious on who makes it and if its good. I think I have only found knock offs so I can't find reviews.
  6. Shadowtuy

    Door Sill lights bad or too dim?? TRY THIS (MK7 GTI)

    So my MK7 GTI (2017) Had a blown door sill LED due to water damage. I could haven taken it to VW for coverage but no thanks on a 2 day diagnostic time. Another member had mentioned the output for the door sill is just 12v and ground. It does not care what it is connected to as long as something...
  7. Shadowtuy

    LP with AFS, can it be moved to a 7.5 style light?

    So I have the Lp package with the lights turning as you drive thing. Is it possible to move that to a mk7.5 head light? Not sure if I would but interesting
  8. Shadowtuy

    Car wash, cylinder 2 misfire?!? P030200

    So in short car was down 2 weeks waiting for tires. During 2 weeks got a OBDEleven and wanted to see what I could mess with. Ran a scan and apparently it had a saved not active code for a cylinder 2 misfire. Cleared and rescanned no issues so I shut off the engine actor and "start vibration...
  9. Shadowtuy

    Cpo car with 5 months on the tires bubble up

    I bought the car Cpo and was told the tire were brand new with pirelli p zero nero gt. Today the front tires are bubbling. Idk if the dealer will care. So .... A: Should I buy 2 more of the same tires? B: Buy a different size and set for my sport stock rims? C: Splurge and buy rims and tires...
  10. Shadowtuy

    Best way to wire up RGB footwell lighting?

    I was given a OPT7 Lighting kit from my friend as a congratz on getting a good car gift. I'm trying to brainstorm on the best way to wire it in complicated or easy. It uses a cigarette lighter for power and that would look terrible. It has a remote to control the light color as well. My GTI...
  11. Shadowtuy

    NOOB to Stick

    SO! My first manual car and I'm just having some hick ups. 1st thing 2nd gear is so stubborn to shift into. I ether get a jerk and become aware that transmission mounts are there or sometimes it will pop out. Any advice ???? 2nd, I cant seem to take off very quickly and this makes my first...
  12. Shadowtuy

    New CPO GTI... safelite cut my frame..

    So they had to replace the windshield to pass CPO and soon getting it redone because of fitment issues they found this. They are warranting it but I'm incredibly scared because it seems I can't seem to keep VW out of a mechanic shop! I've only had the car a week! (IM STILL ON TEMP TAGS DAMMIT!)
  13. Shadowtuy


    Car wouldn't turn over just click and cut lights to the dash.... Tow truck driver tried a booster pack no luck. Get towed to dealership and argue. "We didn't build the car,it's not our fault" Burdick Volkswagen sign on building means nothing apparently. I guess "Dicks discount Lemons" was...
  14. Shadowtuy

    Nightmare car volume 3

    OK so the other day I went to the gas station about 5 minutes away and the car was completely cold, no issues. Got back in and got a "EPC" light and a "Do not exceed 4000 RPM" warning. Im exhausted and this thing loves epc lights so i limp it home but getting to 25 MPH is impossible and i look...
  15. Shadowtuy


    SO! From what I have learned about this MK7 platform its pretty lego like. What is stopping someone from slapping in a 2.0 GTI engine/Trans and running a 2.0 tune on the TSI ecu? Had the idea when i found some cheap donors on Copart. I just think it would be sick to strip a totaled GTI and use a...
  16. Shadowtuy

    Universal shift knob dsg

    So I have found a few universal shift knobs that basically look like it adapts the smooth to a threaded end so you can use whatever. I have a dsg and I wanted to know is it just that simple? What does the trigger go to?
  17. Shadowtuy

    Need Advice

    So I originally bought this car to be my first modified car. My friend has been saying that the MK7 TSI isn't a platform to modify. His reasoning: 1. No LSD, so all the power and no way to get it to both wheels. 2. The automatic 6 speed, he thinks it may not be able to handle much of anything...
  18. Shadowtuy

    Third party keyless entry?

    I was browsing around on AliExpress and I found something odd. As the title suggests it's a keyless entry made by "Fuzik." #Aliexpress US $320.00 | Fuzik Keyless Go Smart Key Keyless Entry Remote start Push Botton for vw Volkswagen jetta passta golf6 golf7 tiguan magotan cc...
  19. Shadowtuy

    Air noises after sun roof recall

    My car went in for a sun roof replacement and besides the body damage they left me with I now have an air noise when accelerating. The dealership is being a fucking nightmare and have done the worst service in my life. That being said I just want my car to run correctly.
  20. Shadowtuy

    Sound of high flow cat vs catless

    Soooooo i just what some opinions i have been looking at 2 down pipes. Catless Catted I'm mostly looking...