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  1. gboticus

    Gbot's 19R 2.5VRT Build

    Here we go! Just traded in my track prepped hybrid turbo GTI (fully parted it out, keeping the parts for this build!). I thoroughly enjoyed driving it on the track, street and everything in between but I wanted more from it (4Motion), and Android CarPlay. I did a lot of work to the GTI and...
  2. gboticus

    MK7 GTI -> 7.5 R!

    Just took delivery of a fresh off the lot 2019 R. Really tough to find one these days but lucked out and found the last Oryx White DSG in Canada. I loved the GTI but hit an absolute upper limit in its ability to put power down at the race track. Going to be building the R up using the...
  3. gboticus

    Enkei wheel fitment question

    Hi all, I'm looking to buy a set of Enkei TY5 in 18x8.5" ET42 and did a bit of searching before posting. Most people seem to agree that this fitment shouldn't be a problem (seems 18x8.5 ET45 is ideal) but some people also mentioned that front spacers may be necessary to prevent rubbing...