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  1. perryis5150

    FS OEM Roof rails for 4 door Golf/GTI

    I traded my GTI in and now these won't fit my Alltrack. Looking to sell or trade. Shipping will be high but I'm willing to do that. I'm located in Champaign, Il. looking for 100.00 obo.
  2. perryis5150

    2022 IndyCar season

    Since we have a Formula 1 thread I thought I would start an IndyCar one as well. First race this weekend at St Pete. Should be a great race.
  3. perryis5150

    Toyota GR Corolla This will be interesting to see what kind of performance and pricing this with have.
  4. perryis5150

    Project car

    So I’ve been contemplating a new project car for next year. I’ve been thinking of another GTI. I would prefer an older model like a MK5 or 6. I’ve also found a few R32s for decent money. This would be a fun car but would like to be able to auto cross and maybe drag race a bit. So probably and...
  5. perryis5150

    Low beam replacement bulb issues

    So I've got the bulb out and replaced in the plastic holder but I cannot get my hand between the fuse box and the headlight it self. Any suggestions other than taking the headlight out?
  6. perryis5150

    Air ride suspension

    So for now I've decided to keep my car and not get rid of it. I have toyed with the idea of air ride. It's between that and coil overs. I know coils overs are cheaper but I love the look of a bagged car. What's the pro and cons of this? This is my daily driver and I don't want to ruin that...
  7. perryis5150

    WTB: 18 oem or aftermarket wheels

    Looking for either oem or aftermarket wheels. Interested in VW disc's found on the Beetle or any style of fifteen 52's. Others are welcome as well. I'm located in Central Illinois. Willing to drive for the right set. Looking to spend no than 1000.00 on these.
  8. perryis5150

    OEM plus style brake pads

    I am in the market for new pads up front. I'm not tracking my car but I put a lot of in town miles on it. The factory pads are ok but I am looking for better pads. With the the large amount to brands and manufactures I'm having a hard time navigating through them all. EBC and Hawk are on my...