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  1. Royalion

    Lower just the rear

    Have a 17 Sport with stock springs and I want to lower just the rear 10-12mm. Any suggestions?
  2. Royalion

    Inexpensive outdoor Car Cover

    Have my sons 2 door MK6 for a couple months and need a car cover. Any suggestions?
  3. Royalion

    PCV Dampener?

    My wife’s Q3 has this (Dampener) in the PCV line, any idea it’s function?
  4. Royalion

    OBDELEVEN Next gen IOS ?

    Thinking about keeping one of these in the car. What is the verdict? Does it work well on IOS?
  5. Royalion

    Mount bad?

    Does this mount look collapsed or just normal?
  6. Royalion

    1/2” Lowering Springs MK7 GTI 4 door DSG

    As the title states any one produce such a spring kit or can another application MQB spring kit be used to lower 1/2”?
  7. Royalion

    Clicking under Acceleration

    Notice this intermittently when in normal mode rolling into the throttle heavy just enough the Trans won’t kick down. It is a rapid mechanical clicking, anyone else experience this? If so what fixed it.
  8. Royalion

    Bilstein B6 with stock suspension

    Need to replace my rear shocks and had questions about Bilstein B6 shocks 1. Will it raise the ride hight? 2. Will potholes and road imperfections be felt more?
  9. Royalion

    Proper Tint Installation

    Getting quotes for tint, I have had several replies on how they apply the film. More than one shop said they can just “pull up and out” on the door panels and remove the inner window seals or “wipes” to apply the tint (leaving the door panel installed). Is this normal/ok?
  10. Royalion

    02E DSG 6 speed: grumble, whine, clatter.

    Trying to determine if this is just “normal operation” according to the dealer. Quiet Grumble in park and neutral Whine 20 - 30 mph & 30 - 20 mph Clatter when stopping mostly noticeable on rough roads or crawling slowly to a stop. 17 GTI Sport 38k Unmodified car has done as long as I...