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  1. dtfd

    Third recall for the mk8

    First it was the engine cover, then it was sensitive switches, now it's radiator/coolant hoses. First year model problems.
  2. dtfd

    FS: Single 18" Pretoria w/ Brand New Blizzak WS90

    Single 18" Pretoria with a brand new Blizzak WS90 mounted for sale. The wheel was just touched up at the dealer and the tire is new, never mounted on the car never seen a single mile. $250 for the set.
  3. dtfd

    WTB: Single Englishtown Wheel

    As the title says, looking for a single Englishtown wheel. Would like to pick it up semi-locally but I'm open to places in the N.E. I don't mind a bit of a drive within reason. Open to any condition, show me what you got.
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  5. dtfd

    Clark Plaid Fabric

    So I need a yard or two of clark plaid for my car, but here's the rub I actually want it to match my seats. I've been poking around on ebay but none of those match the real clark plaid. (Notice how the vertical and horizontal red lines are different). Closest I've found is from relicate for...
  6. dtfd

    Free: Maxton Spoiler - Massachusetts

    As the title says. I got a Rennwagen spoiler for free from @Acadia18 so I've decided to pay it forward by giving away the Maxton spoiler that was on my car to a fellow forum member. Local pick-up in and around 02478. I could be convinced to meet up within a reasonable distance, but I REALLY...