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    Golf R potential engine damage by boost tap

    Last Friday my APR boost gauge starting behaving like crazy, just thought it was a faulty gauge. To my surprise today I inspected and disected the rubber hose that goes to the APR boost tap and to my surprise there was no restrictor pill (I installed it and I am 100% sure) which prevents the...
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    Led Tail Light Retrofit Soft Code Help!

    MY2016 NAR Golf R, I got a set of DAP retrofit cables and used obd11 app to code them properly. Everything works perfectly, just had to dim a bit the LEDs to make more noticeable the brake lights. I did not install the fog light wire, I think that might be the problem. A lot of guys had the...
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    Golf R OEM LED tail light rattle

    Just got them shipped from Amazon Germany with box in perfect condition, no damage. After inspection I noticed that the inner passenger has a terrible rattle if I shake it, is this normal? Haven't had time to install and see if it is in working condition...
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    Tie Part Number

    I am trying to find through ETKA the push connect zip ties that hold the positive battery cable to the tray with no luck. I attach a picture sourced from APR open intake, thanks for the help!
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    Where can I find OEM/Helix Led Tail Lights

    Help,. everything is out of stock
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    lfr7aix ngk plug alternative

    I have seen a lot of mqb local guys using this plug with success gapped at 0.024, any thoughts?
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    New Garrett Turbos for MQB

    Just recently saw on social media and some stores that a V1 and V2 Garrett Turbos are being advertised for 450/480bhp and 550/600bhp, plug and play. Would be cool to see what EQT, IE and Unitronic have to offer since they have been advertising it's release!
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    Help me pull the trigger on EQT

    Hello to everyone!!! Currently I have a MY16 Golf R manual gearbox, I have Eurodyne adjustable file running 24 psi and 92 octane with zero correction. I have all supporting mods; Sachs Performance Clutch, Unitronic Intercooler, Downpipe and modded OEM Intake. I have read a lot of great feedback...
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    Please Delete

    Messed up, please delete