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  1. oddspyke

    Lehigh Valley Cars and Coffee

    Just a heads up for anyone interested in going this Sunday. It's a huge event with thousands of cars and tons of food trucks. Great time of you've never been.
  2. oddspyke

    Winter Gas Woes...

    Last summer, I had a custom 93 octane tune completed by Stratified for my FBO, IS20 GTI. Everything had been running great (very little KR under any conditions) but as the the weather turned cold (Eastern PA) and the winter gas mix arrived, I have been seeing quite a bit of KR on all 4 cylinders...
  3. oddspyke

    FS or Trade: OEM Cadiz (PA, local preferred)

    Sold! Up for sale or trade, set of 4 OEM Cadiz wheels. The spoke center is a gloss black vinyl overlay that can be removed if it isn't your taste. Looking for $450 without the clubsport caps (have the standard ones to put back in). I will consider interesting trades as well if you have some 17"...
  4. oddspyke

    IS20 GTI vs C43 AMG coupe - sorry, no video

    Had a chance to do a little roll race with a C43 AMG coupe today (we were either going entirely legal and safe speeds or we were on a closed course, I forget which). I was pleasantly surprised. I admittedly should have gone to third, not fourth, but regardless, he started early but I caught up...
  5. oddspyke

    Badgeskins Itty Bitty Steering Wheel Badge

    So finally got around to putting this on and I'm very happy with how it looks (poorly taken picture below). But my real reason for posting is that they give you 2 sets in anticipation of you messing at least one letter up, but by some miracle and despite my shaky hands, I got them all on...
  6. oddspyke

    Bad Thread Bingo Card

    I'm just going to drop this here, feel free to print and play along at home! I tried to capture the most common topics that derail threads or just get asked wayyyyy too often and inspire hatred and anger.
  7. oddspyke

    Neuspeed Center Cap Suggestions

    I recently picked up a set of Neuspeed RSE142 wheels in bronze that'll be going on this summer, but I'm very hung up on what to use for center caps. I know the part number (3B7 601 171) and have done lots of online shopping around, but mostly it's just these 2 options: Option #1:MK5/6 Factory...
  8. oddspyke

    Best Child / Infant seats

    Anyone have any best recommendations for something that both fits and looks cool? I love the Recaro seats, but since they have pulled out of the US market, that's a non-option. Same deal with the VW branded ones; Euro only, which is a shame because the Clark plaid GTI one is awesome. Primary...
  9. oddspyke

    Cool new Waze feature - but UK only :-(

    Saw this in the news feed today; Waze will recommend good driving roads to go have fun on. Such a cool idea. I really hope they bring it to the US. One of our UK members needs to try this out and report back!
  10. oddspyke

    Integrated Engineering Downpipe

    Has anyone ordered one yet or seen one in person? It's fairly new and I can't find any reviews online or anything on here. I know functionally, a DP is a DP and the quality of the cat is the biggest variable, but I like that it's cast and uses the stock cat location. I'd love to hear someone...
  11. oddspyke

    '80s Heritage Momos

    Ok, maybe it's just that a grew up in the 80s and early 90s, but these look amazing. They are made to order with custom offset, hub and bolt circle, so in theory they should fit, but they are pricey at $1800 a set to start (and who knows from there). They also come in tons of colors, though I'm...
  12. oddspyke

    Intercoolers, Pressure Drop and Turbo Lag

    This is meant to be a simplified explanation of how Intercoolers impact turbo system operation and clear up some of the confusion around “pressure drop” and turbo lag. As such, I am leaving out the fancy math and a lot of details. Armchair engineers - please refrain from trying to turn this into...
  13. oddspyke

    1 more reason to be sad about your Austins...

    Saw one of these in a parking lot today and almost did a double take. They have some obvious differences when you look closely, but man, Hyundai Tucsons that look like they have the same wheels as me just made me a little sad.
  14. oddspyke

    2020 Golf Preview

    I really hope this is not the grill design they go with. It works on the new Arteon, less so on the new Jetta, but this just looks... awkward. Not a fan, but I guess styling is subjective. This is just their rendering though, so there is still hope...
  15. oddspyke

    Cobb Launch Control and Flat Foot Shifting

    Woke up to this little gem in my email. Seems like a cool feature. Anyone have experience with it on their other platforms?
  16. oddspyke

    Golf R downpipe on GTI?

    I tried searching the forum without much luck on this topic, but a couple of questions that hopefully someone has some insight into... 1. I was able to confirm they are different part numbers (5QM-254-500-K for GTI, 5Q0-254-502-MX for R)- what is the actual difference though? Higher flow cat...