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    SPAM - Darwin Web Store

    If forum colleague WilliamPal is indeed a human (and not a bot), piss-off . I'm not interested in your repeated PMs which are an abuse of both the private messaging facility and this forum PS: and please, please, please - if anyone else has a humorous quip to contribute (as is normal in...
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    SPAM Private Messages - I'm pissed!!!

    Not sure if it's just me (I'm not so paranoid to believe that it is just me) - but I'm utterly annoyed at the constant string of PMs in my inbox trying to sell stuff (see example below)!! More than happy to receive PMs from "regular" forum members - but the facility should NOT be used by those...
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    Automatic Start/Stop Kill Switch - on Ignition Start-up

    Not sure if this is of interest, but for many of us that have Start/stop fitted to our mk7s, the constant need to re-engage the native VW start/stop (S/S) switch on the centre console every time that the ignition is switched-on is both tiresome and difficult to understand. Why can't the centre...