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    FS: D-Dock with Lightning Cable

    $60 OBO includes Shipping and PayPal fees Selling d-dock with lightning cable. Its a great way to make use of the center cubby.,_Mainland_Europe) -_See_important_shipping information_below!.html
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    Flat spring from steering wheel?

    I took my steering wheel trim off and this spring came out, where does it go? Thanks in advance
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    Passenger Side Rattle over bumps (Please help)

    Please help me find this rattle. It started a few weeks ago when the temps dropped, and it's driving me crazy. - The noise is independent of speed or engine RPM and seems to happen when going over bumps. - It sounds like it's coming from either the passenger side dash area What it's not - I...
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    Warped plastic in Gauge Cluster

    I noticed whenever the central warning light comes on you can see the plastic around it is warped allowing light to bleed underneath, is there a way to take the cluster apart and fix this, or is it sealed? See attached picture for what is going on.
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    I've decided to start participating in autocross more, and the class I am in Intakes are not allowed. Asking $275 obo shipped anywhere in the lower 48. Pros: - Sounds great (lots of fun turbo noises) - easy to install - fits well Cons: - Minor damage to weather striping (See Picture) - Paint...