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    Cyl 3 Misfire and a surprise

    Driving this morning, at 5500 rpm I got a shuddering and then epc. Turned it off, back on and epc gone. Tried again and same thing except now with cel. Turned off again and restarted. Cel remained but car ran fine while keeping below 5000. Came home and hooked up vcds. Gave me 2 codes. One for...
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    Fuel hose and heat issues

    Ever since the weather turned hot, I have been having big problems with the fuel line that connects to the hpfp. I have my ethanol sensor spliced inline and have been running that way without issue for months and months. A couple months back I swapped to an IS38 and along with an auto tech...
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    IS38/Big Turbo or Motorcycle?

    I don't make a lot of threads - but I'm fairly bored at work and thinking of how to waste some extra money. I'll do one or the other, but not both, or at least not in the same year. I guess that would make the question, which to do first. Going from Stage 2 to IS38 will likely cost around 2k...
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    Upgraded clutch / 2nd to 1st shift issue

    About 3 weeks ago I installed an hst rsr clutch on my stage 2 to replace the slipping stock unit. Install went fine and I've got about 150 miles on it now. Every type of shift works exactly right with one exception. With the stock clutch, I used to be able to rev match downshift from 2nd...
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    Clutchless ignition update: solved (maybe)

    This is now my DIY thread for how I was able to defeat the clutch in ignition requirement for the Mk7. It has been working for me without issue since February 2020. Total cost ~$100. Time to install: 2 to 4 hours, possibly. Modifications to stock equipment: Drilling two small 4mm holes in the...
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    Anyone do 3d printing?

    Im working on a mod that requires fabricating a small customized mounting piece. I don't know much about 3d printing yet in terms of if consumer level gear can make the shape I need and it not be prone to failing (some tight tolerances and slender sections that need to support a bit of weight)...
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    Flywheel lock and rms install tools

    Clutch started with the slippy slip today at almost exactly 50k miles. 10k of stage 1 and 3 weeks at stage 2. Ordered all the major parts already, now I'm down to the misc stuff. I'm doing the iabed rms while in there. For flywheel locking and rms install, are these what I need? Anyone use...
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    smog rejected

    Just took my year old car in for its first smog check. I got rejected on the following three things: obd fuel obd catalyst oxy snsr I've got Stage 1 and have done various vcds mods. I've used vcds to clear codes, but I could swear the last time I did it was at least 100 miles ago, if not way...
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    Do I need a superpin? (vid)

    Car has 45k on it. I did all the mods in my sig within 2 months of getting it (I'm second owner). I didn't notice much about the shifting before putting in the ssk. Watch the vid and notice the metallic clink noise when going into 3rd and especially when I vibrate...
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    Rennline security breach.

    I received a letter in the mail from Rennline industries ( stating that their customer info, including credit card information has been found to have been compromised during certain time periods last year and this year. The letter went on to inform me to keep an eye out for...
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    235 40 18 + springs + spacers?

    Sometime pretty soon I'm going to ditch the all season junk my car came with for probably the pss. I know you can get a 235 on stock wheels, but I also have OE springs and 10/15mm spacers. Anyone have a combo like this using 235s? Will there be rubbing, even with the fender screw mod?
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    What is the schmeg on my B pillar?

    Photo shows it pretty clearly right above the flashlight reflection. No idea what it is. Almost looks like residue from a sticker that was on and peeled off. But there's nothing "there" in that no amount of cleaning does anything. Like the pillar has a clear surface over plastic and this crap...
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    Maddening passenger side buzz - fixed w/pics (not fuel line)

    I made a thread a couple of months back asking for ideas about this, where I described it thusly: "There is a faint but definitely noticable high frequency "buzz" sound coming *seemingly* from somewhere in the vacinity of between the passenger side door handle and B pillar. Very insect like...
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    Should I fill my b pillar with foam?

    So, I've had the same annoying buzz sound coming from (seemingly) somewhere in the area of the passenger B pillar for quite a while. It isn't a click or a rattle or anything like I've seen reported from others. It's an angry insect buzz.sound. It's worst at 3500+ rpm right as you lift off...
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    Give me some likely suspects for this annoying noise

    Symptoms: There is a faint but definitely noticable high frequency "buzz" sound coming *seemingly* from somewhere in the vacinity of between the passenger side door handle and B pillar. Very insect like frequency sound. It appears most strongly right at 3500 to 4500 rpm while accelerating...
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    91 octane - is stage 1 power the ceiling?

    Wasn't sure how exactly to phrase the subject. What I'm asking is, for someone who can only get 91 octane (and let's exclude using octane booster) is regular stage 1 pretty much it for power gains? Are there any reasonably easy hardware mods (aside from a different turbo) that are worth doing...
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    Anyone lift the car with two ramps plus two stands?

    I used to do this with my old e46. Drive the front up onto ramps, then use a jack under the rear diff to raise the whole rear and slide stands in. The vw of course has no rear diff, but I feel like it could be sorted out somehow to get the whole thing up. I only have one low profile jack...
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    Anyone buy konis from NGpracing?

    I've got some h&e sport springs on the way, they're going on my 2017 sport which has 40k miles. Normally, on a car with less miles I'd just put the springs on and go as long as possible on the stock struts and shocks then hopefully get a year/10k miles before going to aftermarket replacements...