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    DBV2 TIP experience

    I wanted to post my recent experience with DBV2, specifically their TIP that was a Christmas present. I recently went to install this and noticed that the PCV bung weld look to have been ground through on the inside. Apparently the bung is welded to the pipe and then a drill press is run...
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    FS - S3/R catback w/valve actuators $250

    Located in MD, roughly 65K on the catback, actuators still worked when I took this off. Looking for $250 with local pickup
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    S3/R stock catback w/valves 250$

    Stock catback from an S3 with 65k miles on it. Muffler, valves, tips, resonator asking 300 250 with local pickup.
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    FS Brand New Trackslag S3/Golf R/4mo 4inch De-cat DP

    Never installed Trackslag DP for S3/Golf R/4mo, for local pickup in MD. Includes DP and 3inch Walker Torca clamp. Also can include APR reducer for Alltrack/GSW 4mo with stock exhaust along with a 60mm Walker clamp. Asking 550
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    Muffled pop and ESP

    Yesterday I was doing a pull and I believe it was when I shifted I got a muffled pop, ESP, and then no boost. When I got home I had a code for overboost which I cleared. I looked at the charge pipes, everything is connected and good, and this morning I can build boost just fine. I have...
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    Rear axle tramp on hard launches

    As title says, I have axle tramp when using LC. Car is tuned to a "Stage 1" and also has roughly 64k miles. Wondering if this is due to bushings being worn out or the shocks being worn out. It also squats quite a lot during launches.
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    UM ECU tune questions

    Does anyone have any experience with a UM tune and getting a catless DP? I am wondering if this is something that has to be flashed again or does their "loaded" tune account for such things?
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    DSG 1-2 shift clunky

    Is it common for the DSG shift from 1 to 2 to be clunky? I have also noticed that going from a stop sometimes first seems to take a second to engage, almost like on a manual if you were slowly releasing the clutch. All other gears are good. This is more noticeable now that I am tuned with the...
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    Fuel siphoning

    I am getting tuned Friday and need to switch to 93 as easily as possible. Before you go suggesting I just drive 250 miles in the next 2 days, there must be a better way. Can the pump be run with the HPFP line removed and drained into a jerry can or is there a filler neck adapter that comes...
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    Priming oil system

    A cursory search didn't get me much on this topic, besides disconnecting the ignition or HPFP. Do these cars have a way of cranking through without starting. My previous car, a 2012 Mustang, had any anti flood feature so after an oil change you would hold down the gas and crank the motor. It...
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    Wanting to run E30, looking at UM ProFlex

    Just recently pulled the trigger on a UM ECU/TCU tune. I initially was looking at their End User cable and app to allow me to make adjustments, but not knowing much about tuning, not having a way of accurately pulling logs, I decided against it. While finding out the end user cable/app wasn't...