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  1. MKSeven

    EQT is38 hybrid vs Stage 2 Garrett turbo

    Anyone know which one is possibly better as of now? I know eqt is also producing their prototype as of now, but as of now, which one is better in terms of spool times, holding boost up to power and, etc. I’m somewhat considering getting a stage 2 Garrett. The only thing holding me back on...
  2. MKSeven

    Does anyone here have this part?

    I’m looking for part #5Q0122291DS a lower radiator hose coupler. I’d try asking the sales, but I feel like it wouldn’t get that much attention. I’m trying to see if anyone would be willing to sell theirs for lower than the advertised price, thanks!
  3. MKSeven

    IE released Rolling ALS + 2Step LC today Have fun with it IE users 😉
  4. MKSeven

    How many people here run a stage 3 clutch rated over 450+ tq?

    I wanted to see how many people are running a clutch rated over 450tq and above, thanks.
  5. MKSeven

    Mk7 vs top speed

    Top speed run Maxing out the is38 hybrid. Slight downhill slope. 6MT gearing. Definitely something I’ve always wanted to achieve safely is maxing out the speedo.
  6. MKSeven

    WTB rotors and pads for PP brakes.

    Looking for mid grade brakes. Mostly for use with brake boosting. These stock ones get way to hot. Let me know if you have anything for sale.
  7. MKSeven

    Squealing coming from somewhere?

    I need some help, I recently got some squealing possibly coming from the wheel area, but I can’t seem to figure it out. At first I thought it was the brakes, but it happens only during acceleration. I was possibly thinking it could be the flywheel but I’m not too sure. I have a video as well...
  8. MKSeven

    FS: Oil Catch Can BMS

    Selling my BMS Catch Can, I got a full APR kit installed, so I won't need this. It was never installed or put on the vehicle, just opened the box. All contents are in it. (Realized I needed to replace my entire PCV system due to blow by.) Selling for $200. Buyer just pay shipping.
  9. MKSeven

    Need help on what to do.

    So I installed my bigger turbo (hybrid), and added my MPI system, however I'm still waiting on my tune. I need to move my car, but the only tunes I have are the ones from Cobb (is38 ots) should I install that tune temporarily and not hit boost at all, or should I try and wait? Thanks!
  10. MKSeven

    Anyone want their car sticker? (Monroney)

    If anyone wants their car sticker, PM me! I'll send you your car sticker! :)
  11. MKSeven

    WTB 18" set of wheels (Las Vegas)

    I'm looking to buy an entire set of wheels. Mostly interested in OEM VW/Audi wheels however. If you have anything let me know.
  12. MKSeven

    P000B potential causes?

    Anyone know what could be causing my P000B code (slow camshaft pos B) to keep getting logged in the ECU? My guess is that the cable has gone bad, my vehicle still runs fine, however the ECU keeps reading it as the camshaft running slower than expected. Any thoughts?
  13. MKSeven


    Selling Konig ampliforms, not for our vehicles, but maybe someone will have a better use for them than I did. Accepting trades for a graphics card, or PP if shipped, cash if local. Selling cheap because they're not of use to me. Entire description is on the final page of the SS. (Bolt pattern...
  14. MKSeven

    Refinance with VW dealer?

    Should I refinance with VW? I have fair credit, still going up, but I was wondering if it was worth it. If I were to refinance it could help me get the golf 8. They'd also likely have other perks if I was to switch loan companies to them. What was your experience like working with VW?
  15. MKSeven

    Selling Gaming Monitor and IPOD 7 Gen.

    Hey guys, I have some items up for sale. I have a monitor that I'm not using anymore and just sitting on the floor in my room, and I need it gone. The link for the PC can be found here: Monitor I am also selling my IPod (7th gen). Nothing is wrong with it, just didn't have the features I...
  16. MKSeven

    Any one a bug expert?

    Need help identifying a bug. It's been driving me insane, but I'm 90% sure these bugs are flying ants.
  17. MKSeven

    What does a MAP sensor do exactly?

    Kind of confused about what it does exactly. Does an upgraded one allow us to increase boost to the engine? Or does it do something else. I tried to look up the answer on google, but I only became more confused. (n):whistle:
  18. MKSeven

    Stage 2 SB or stage 3?

    Trying to figure this out, if anyone knows feel free to leave a comment. (Previous owner had a daily on it, but I can't tell if it's stage 2 or 3.) I'm leaning more towards stage 2.
  19. MKSeven

    EPC Light no CEL, driveable.

    I had an odd occurrence last night, was casually cruising last night, wasn't driving hard at all, and I suddenly encountered an EPC light out of nowhere. So I just pull over, and I shut off the car for a bit and restart. I drive off, and the same thing happened again. So I use my AP to look at...
  20. MKSeven

    WavTrac Diff worth it? (Non PP)

    Thinking about getting a WavTrac, I just heard it's kind of a pricey install (If that is true.) I heard positive things about the WavTrac diff, I'm just not sure if it's worth the install.