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  1. TheMaOdy66

    Maody's Golf 7.5 GTi TCR on Tracks (mostly Nordschleife)

    Hi guys, this will be a thread where I will post my vids from tracks in Europe (mostly Nurburgring Nordschleife) in future regularly. But before the first vid is coming I have to say some words for my own purpose: Youtube kicked me out of their Partner Programm with my old channel which some of...
  2. TheMaOdy66

    MK 7.5 GTi TCR on Nordschleife

    Maybe some other members are interested... I am tracking regularly since 2001, mostly VAG cars. Some of you may remember me posting vids of my MK 6 R and MK 7 R. After having had a TT RS 8J for several years I am now back with an MK 7.5 GTi TCR. Brought a vid from last years autumn with me...
  3. TheMaOdy66

    WTB: VWR Oil Catch Tank

    As the title says... Does anyone know, where I can get that special part? I am not interested in other catch-systems, as long as they don't work like this part by VWR and solve my track problem - as described in the link. The VWR part...
  4. TheMaOdy66

    Maodys Golf VII R

    The day I got the car delivered and took it home, April 1st 2014. O. K. then, guys, nothing very spectacular to show yet. Configuration: Golf VII R DSG Lapiz Blue 4 doors 18'' Composition Media Navigation Discover Media Mobilephone-Interface "Comfort" Package "light & sight" Windows darkened...