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  1. Will_

    SOLD: OEM Downpipe for GTI - SF Bay Area

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Selling my OEM downpipe. Good condition. $300 obo. Proof that you own a MK7 required for purchase. Located SF Bay Area, willing to drive 1-2hrs to meet.
  2. Will_

    SOLD: Stoptech ST60 - Bit of a project - $500

    SOLD SOLD SOLD I have for sale my Stoptech ST60 kit off my MK7, with one catch - I would highly recommend replacing one caliper. While disassembling the caliper for cleaning, I discovered one of the bleeder screws was extremely tight. I was able to get it loose, but the screw came out with...
  3. Will_

    SOLD: Eibach 25mm RSB

    For sale is my Eibach 25mm RSB with Moog’s endlinks. I’ve had this unit for quite a while and it’s always been noise-free. Really livens up the rear end and helps the car turn in. I am willing to ship at buyers expense, which given the size and weight will likely be between $25-$55 depending on...
  4. Will_

    SOLD: BFI Catch Can

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Selling a lightly used BFI catch can. There is minor cosmetic damage where the PCV hose inserts into the PCV plate, due to a bad-angled attempt with a screwdriver when removing. The seal is not damaged however and it will mount up fine. There is also a small spot of wear on one...
  5. Will_

    SOLD: 17x9 Apex SM-10 in Anthracite, Falken RT660

    Selling my track wheel setup. 17x9 ET42 Apex SM-10 in anthracite, with 245/40/17 Falken RT660 tires at 5mm all around. Will come with Apex center caps as well. Very good condition, small curb rash on one wheel, tiny nicks here and there. $800 located SF Bay Area, not shipping.
  6. Will_

    SOLD: Part Out

    Converting my car back to stock, the following is up for sale. Some is ready now, other stuff will be ready shortly. Local pickup/delivery in SF Bay Area only unless ya really convince me. Edit: all is sold PHOTOS Engine: BFI Catch Can - $250 (available now) Baun Performance V1 Downpipe -...
  7. Will_

    Cobb Accessport - EQT St2 preloaded

    Accessport, unmarried, EQT stage 2 91 oct for 2015-2017 GTI preloaded. No DSG unlock. Pre May 1st software so no CEL. $615 shipped CONUS, $600 local pickup.
  8. Will_

    SOLD: BEC 7.5R Reps, Aerofabb V2 splitter, chrome PP grille

    EDIT: all are SOLD For sale in SF Bay Area, willing to drive 1+ hour to meet but not looking to ship at the moment. BEC 7.5R Reps (SOLD) - good condition, built in LED low beams, fully functional, plug and play with MK7 S 2015-2017 Aerofabb V2 front splitter - SOLD - small scratches on...
  9. Will_

    SOLD - Racingline Oil Cooler

    BNIB - bought from a fellow member here but not installing as I am selling the car. Only opened to inspect parts. Includes the necessary OEM oil riser adaptor. $430 shipped CONUS, $400 local pickup. Paypal/Zelle/Venmo preferred.
  10. Will_

    SOLD - Verus Rear Diffuser

    Selling my Verus diffuser for GTI/R. Located in SF Bay Area - will not ship due to size but willing to meeting within 1-2hours. Comes with all hardware for compatibility with both platforms. Looks good and has some real engineering behind it. Some small nicks and scratches but no major damage...
  11. Will_

    Track + AutoX alignment specs

    Let’s discuss track or autocross alignments. I’m currently running and have been for a year now (for track): 2.5r camber 2.0r camber 0 front toe 1/32” per side rear toe 7.5 caster per side I seem to be getting fairly even wear at the track up front but am seeing a bit of excess inside wear on...
  12. Will_

    2022 Track Days

    2022 Track Season is fast approaching. I have made a preliminary schedule and am targeting about 10 days for the year. Hopefully more if funds and plans permit. Post your planned track days! Date Location Org Notes 2/6/2022 Sonoma SpeedSF Sun 3/7/2022 Laguna Seca NCRC Mon 4/15/2022...
  13. Will_

    SOLD -JB4 Group 2, Bluetooth and Data cable

    Selling my JB4 w/ Bluetooth and data cable. No issues, just switched to EQT stage 2 recently. Located in SF Bay Area, will ship. $275 shipped CONUS $250 local pickup
  14. Will_

    Tuning for heat management

    I am currently running JB4 Map 1 w/ downpipe. I am considering switching to EQT Stage 2 when their boost weather sale goes live. My car sees fairly frequent track time, so managing oil and coolant temps is more of a concern than raw power output, which brings me to the following question. The...
  15. Will_

    SOLD - Neuspeed RSe11R 18x9 ET45 with 255/35/18 Nexen’s

    The first of many…these are coming off my car in a few days once the Apex wheels arrive. 18x9 ET45 Neuspeed RSe11R in Gunmetal. Small curb rash on one wheel, one missing center cap. Tires are 255/35/18 Nexen N FERA SUR4G (200tw) approx 5.5mm all around. Asking $1100, picked up in SF Bay Area...
  16. Will_

    Vs C8 Corvette

    Okay okay, this isn’t a roll race, but I had a fun battle with a C8 Corvette at Laguna Seca this past weekend. Please excuse the audio.
  17. Will_

    SOLD - “Flush Kit” 15mm & 20mm spacers

    I have two 15mm spacers and two 20mm spacers from Motorsport Hardware that I no longer need. Located just south of SF. $70 obo. Will allow Austin’s and several other stock wheels to sit flush or clear larger BBKs.
  18. Will_

    How to install Schroth Quick Fit Pro in a MK7 GTI

    Before we begin please heed the following warning: This installation requires modifying the mounting bracket that connects to the driver seat’s lap belt anchoring point. A small amount of material must be removed in order for the anchoring bolt to fit. This is not approved by Schroth. Modify...
  19. Will_

    Rear seat removal issue

    I am trying to remove the rear seats to install a 4 point harness. I can’t get the isofix child seat latch covers to budge. Everything I’ve seen read says just to push down on logo to get them to unlatch, then pull forward. I pushed down on them as hard as I could, and nothing. Anyone else run...
  20. Will_

    FS: OEM Splash Gaurds

    Decided I’m willing to ship these. Only on my car for a few thousands miles. Price is $70 shipped in CONUS. $60 local pickup (SF Bay Area).