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  1. Sparky589

    2015+ Mk7 Golf BC Coilovers With Swift Springs - $650

    For sale are my BC coilovers with Swift springs (8k front 9K rear) complete with all mounting hardware, camber plates, and endlinks that came with the kit. Coilovers have about ~15k miles of use on them, and are still in good working order. Only took them off the Golf because I decided to...
  2. Sparky589

    Corbeau Sportline RRS with bracket for sale - $650 SOLD

    Owned for two years, non-smoker, and in aesthetically flawless condition with no deformities to the foam. Brackets will match up with any Mk7 golf or 2015+ Jetta (unsure for Mk7 Jetta, but seeing as that's MQB I would imagine it would also match up). Willing to drive 100 miles to meet, not keen...
  3. Sparky589

    Sparky's first track day

    Well at long last, after countless hours (and quite a few bucks) spent modifying my Golf, I felt it was time to finally see what it could do. With a bigger turbo, brakes, intercooler, sticky tires, and fully worked over suspension I made the decision to enroll in the beginners class with NCRC up...
  4. Sparky589

    FS: Enkei SS05 $500

    Selling my old set of wheels, they are 18x8 wearing Ventus Evo 2 tires with about 15,000 (tires rotated every 5k on the dot) miles of use on them. There is some road rash on the outer lip of one of the wheels, but other than that they are in great condition. Would prefer local pick up in the Bay...
  5. Sparky589

    Fs Performance Pack RSB With Attached OEM endlinks.

    Recently decided to upgrade to the 034 RSB as a christmas gift to myself so I'm selling off my used 21.7 mm pp swaybar. Looking for $80 picked up (Bay Area) or $90 shipped. Need to clear out my garage so lets get this thing sold.
  6. Sparky589

    Looking to buy or swap for GTI seats

    Golf TSI owner here with like new cloth seats hoping to upgrade to that plaid goodness. About 8000 miles of wear on my seats with no smoking or spills to speak of in the car. I'm situated in the Bay Area, but I can make most of California work. Feel free to message me if interested.