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    New R, How's she look

    Gave her a solid polish In the background you can see my 58 and the shining DONT HIT ME red.
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    I lost my key, HALP

    Ok, I know my key is in my house somewhere. I have torn the place apart and have not been able to locate it. I know it's in the house because it has my house key on it and obviously I had to use that to get in. I have KESSY, so I was wondering if there is any possible way to use an RFID...
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    Clunk and suspension acting weird

    Alright, things are starting to get weird here. Just wondering if anyone has run into this issue. Background: Car is bone stock, no mods. All service done at the dealer Just over 20k miles We got a decent snow Monday night so I didn't really notice the issue until my drive home yesterday...
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    P11A600 MIL code

    Hey folks, I did a little searching and the only time I was seeing this code come up was on tuned cars. 2016 R bone stock. This will now be the 4th time I have had this code come up. Says Cam Shift Actuator "A" Cylinder 2 with the P code listed in the title. Has anyone else run in to...
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    I hate people so much

    Getting real fucking sick of people damaging my car. This is what I was greeted with when I got out of work tonight. So far, in 3 years and 16k miles my car has been sideswiped, tboned, hailed on, and now some jackass did this. So now I'll have to replace my bumper clear bra. Not 100%...
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    Commute change, thoughts?

    Well I've had my R since July of 15, got tboned in April of 16, had the car spend 2 months at a body shop and quit my job in May of 16. So the car currently has 7500 miles, is basically perfect other than having 12000 dollars of body repair on it's carfax. I will likely have a job offer in...
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    Hyundai Shopper Assurance

    Pretty sure there's absolutely nothing other than going back in time and being broke as hell that would cause me to ever buy Hyundai.
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    Spot the difference. Bonus game, smell the clutch

    Who can tell what's wrong with this photo. bonus bullshit. I put my winter wheels on tonight and the 1 and only time I've let the monkeys touch my car I ended up with 1 missing bolt. And I tried to scooch the car a little harder than I should have up the driveway and I'm pretty sure I...
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    Non-premium gas for a 2000 mile trip

    I might be making a trip back home to visit my parents soon. It's 1031 miles door to door each way. Has anyone run a long trip without running premium in the R? I know the GTI will run on crap gas, but curious how the R handles it. I'm fine paying 50 cents a gallon extra for day to day...
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    OG GTi - 1984 Rabbit GTi

    Luck. Same way all these assholes find old cars that they turn around and flip for 10x what they paid the old person that just wanted it out of the garage.
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    OG GTi - 1984 Rabbit GTi

    It's crazy to think that car is now a classic being 35 years old.
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    Keyfob Battery

    I'm pretty sure I've seen this topic before, but I'm too lazy to search for it right now. My car is coming up on 2 years old and it's already telling me to replace my keyfob battery. Is this normal for kessy? I've never had to replace a keyfob battery in any of my other cars even after having...
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    Pike's Peak Pics

    Went up Pike's Peak earlier this week. My god this car is so much more fun than the TDI was last time I went up. click for huge. I suggest anyone that visits Colorado give it a run.
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    Sill plates 4door

    Ok as everyone knows my car was hit by a stupid uninsured kid. Well now that I have the car back, apparently the body shop felt free just painting over a lovely big ass ding in the driver's front sill that they had just installed. I have no interest in sending the car in for another 2 weeks to...
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    7 weeks and 12000 dollars later

    Welp, some of you saw that my poor R got punched in the gut. Well I finally got her back today, and I'm quite amazed at how well it was done. Just thought I'd update and show before and afters. before after Now the fun part begins. The kid that hit me was cited for failure to yield...
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    Welp, 1 less R on the road

    I just can't have nice things. Since it happened on the job, I got sent to the workers comp doctor which got me a free catscan and neck xrays. Here's hoping the car is totalled, I don't want it back. It'll never be the same.
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    Cadiz pricing

    What is a reasonable price for my stock wheels. Keeping the tires because my current 19s are pretty much done. Wheels literally have 100 miles on them with no marks. Just trying to gauge what I should list them for that will get them sold but not leave too much money on the table.
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    FS: 19" Cadiz + 15" Steelies with Winters

    Looking to sell my 19" Cadiz off my 16 R. Put my previous Petrols on the new car. Keeping tires. This is for wheels only. Less than 200 miles on them as they were removed the same week I bought the car. No scuffs or curbing. Also looking to sell my previous winter setup from my 11 TDI...
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    Which catch can?

    The APR can looks nice, but I don't want to have to spend another 500 bucks for the intake. Which catch can are people using? Does it really matter which brand?
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    Random Questions/Quirks Thread

    Doesn't appear to be a thread for just general, not really a whole thread needed type questions. I have a few to start us off. When unlocking the doors using the door handle, how do I make it open the rear doors? I've had it work exactly twice, every other time I've had to open the door and...