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    Family members first car advice.

    So my nephew is looking at a 2006 Audi A4 quattro 2.0t. It has 126k miles on it and a 2 owner car. It has a typical 16 year old car fade in the paint and interior is dirty, but no tips or major stains. I have only had mk7s and mk7.5s so I am not familiar with that platform. The private owner is...
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    cone seat lug bolts BRAND NEW

    These came from tire rack. Just realized I have 4 sets of lug bolts so this set has to go. Brand new never installed. Only opened the bag to take the picture. Have no idea about price. Shoot me an offer and pay shipping and they are yours!!!
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    F/S BFI stage 2 dog bone insert VERSION 2. *Now with pictures!!!*

    I didn't pay attention when I ordered this kit. My car needs v1. Dont feel like the hassle of a exchange. This is brand new in box with hardware. Pics to be added tonight. Let's do $50 shipped obo.
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    Someone finally did it, introducing the VR6 MK7 GTI.

    So I came across this while binge watching youtube. Very interesting idea.
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    Crap weather for Christmas

    First and foremost, my family and I are safe, our house was spared, but was only 1/2 mile from the destruction. On 12/10/21, several tornadoes ripped through Kentucky and the neighboring states. So far over 100 deaths in total and climbing as people are found. The tornado that did most of the...
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    Oil leak and strange findings.

    A little back story before I get to the main event. 2 days ago I received my draggy in the mail. So a short trip to mexico later I had some good data I needed for a long time now. I did 4 runs, so 4 launches. It was cold out, but I did attempt To heat the tires up first. Lots of wheel hop on...
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    Yet another tire discussion thread. Yeah I know. lol.

    So now that I impulse purchased a set of wheels. I am on the hunt for a tire. I've narrowed down the 2 tire choices to these. 1. falken azenis rt615k+ 2. Firestone Indy 500 The real question comes down to sizes. I have narrowed down the choice to these 2. 255/35R18 245/40R18 The falkens do...
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    Thread derailed.....ugly car discussion and blue holes.....

    So my buddy Said a guy he works with wants to challenge me. He is in a 2019 civic Type R. "Supposedly" he only has an exhaust and stage 1 tune. My mods are in my signature. I really dont Know much about the new type R, so I guess my question is, how bad are they really? I told him I only race...
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    going for an alignment on 5-5-21. Any suggestions?

    After installing My front and rear sway bars, my car is in need of an alignment. I have an appointment tomorrow to get a 4 wheel alignment Done. Any suggestions for specific alignment Specs? This is a daily driver with alot of spirited driving and some drag racing events. Car is an 18 golf R...
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    Are eqt tunes locked to a vin?

    I recently purchased a second hand cobb app with the eqt stage 2 tunes on it. The previous owner had a 2018 golf R like myself. When I hooked up the ap to install the eqt tunes, it is showing them locked out. Am I doing something wrong? Any help would be appreciated.
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    Check your passwords people!

    In the past 24 hours I have found a multitude of legitimate Accounts that are hacked and are selling items. Just a friendly PSA for everyone to check, or better yet change your passwords For this site. These scammers are breaking into longstanding legitimate accounts and posting bogus stuff for...
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    No longer interested..
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    elevation change while tuned

    So my company Has me working in South Dakota starting next week and I will be there for about 65 days. This is a rare te my family will be joining me due to the distance and length of stay. That all being said, I will be taking the R with me. Mods are in my signature. i have a few questions...
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    An oh S*** moment, epc light on, cil flashing, car running on hardly no cylinders.

    I apologize ahead of time, this is a long one. Car info first. 2018 Golf R, unironic dp, ic, stage 2 ecu And tcu tune. E20 fuel. Getting on the parkway today. In right lane, traffic was slow. Had an open left lane, so I merged left and got after it. Started at 50ish mph. At around 80ish (I...
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    Launch control and shift issues.

    The past 2 drag race events I have been to has gave me some problems. Wife almost had a coronary when I had to be pushed off the track 4 hours from the house Saturday... First problem, launch control. On the street I can activate Lc every time. Works like a charm. On the track, when...
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    sold and found one

    Sold and found correct one.
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    GTI license plate frame.(SOLD)

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