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    Texas DMV registering and inspections

    When registering an out of state car in Texas a certified inspection is required. Will an aftermarket intake lead to a failed inspection? What if any smog test requirements are required in Texas? Thanks, Rob
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    Lighting package headlight alternatives

    My DRL's are no longer working and it appears i need to replace the complete headlight assembly. Too thanks. Are there any aftermarket alternatives for those of us with the lighting package lights? Plenty of options for halogen folks but none i can find for xenon/led owners...
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    Baun V2 Downpipe for MK7 - $800

    I have a Baun V2 downpipe and midpipe for sale. The midpipe is resonated and the cat on the DP is the higher end GESI 300 (EPA approved) one. This setup is to be paired with an AWE exhaust. New this setup cost around $1300 All 304 SS. No 409 stainless. Low mileage. Under 10k for sure...
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    WTB: Stock springs

    Looking for low mileage stock springs. Located in San Diego.
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    WTB: Stock Intake

    Looking for a stock intake for my 2015 VW GTI MK7. Located in San Diego. Thanks!
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    Raising headlight beam

    For those of you that have gone through the vagcom+manual process of raising your headlight beam, how many turns of the horizontal adjustment did it take for you to note a difference in the beam height. Last night, i did 3 complete rotations with the result being absolutely no change to the...
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    wastegate rattle

    Is there any solution for wastegate rattle for our cars/turbos (2.0L, IS20)? Seems to be a common problem on our cars. Sure would like to find a solution for this annoying racket.
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    Leaking Antenna

    My sharkfin antenna is leaking. Has anyone replaced theirs? Can you access the nut under the headliner by just pulling it down a bit in the rear? Unfortunately, it appears you have to buy a replacement antenna assembly. The seal cant be purchased separately. Thanks, Rob
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    sunvisor safety label

    Anyone know how to get these off the sunvisor? Normally these are decals that come off easily with a steam cleaner. Not with these. Thanks
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    HVAC - air recirculation

    Is there a way via VCDS to set the air circulation to be set to "ON" by default?
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    ECS doggone insert problems

    I'm having a doozy of a time with this simple mod. I can't for the life of me get the doggone mount to thread in with pendulum mount in place. The DG bolt just spins and spins. It temporarily catches but then free's itself. If I remove the pendulum mount the DG bolt threads into the mating...
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    non-pp brakes to BBK - dust shields?

    For those of you that have upgraded from non-pp to PP or some other BBK kit, what did you do about the dust shields? Upgrade to larger ones? What's involved in replacing these in the front and rear? I plan on upgrading rather than cutting and running w/o. Thanks, Rob
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    Borrow airbox - San Diego

    Would anyone possibly loan out their stock airbox when i need to smog the car? I bought my car used w/o the stock one. I wont need it soon. I'm just gauging if this is a possible path rather than spending $100+ for a replacement one that i wont use for more than a couple of hours. 2015 GTI...
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    Non-navi with fender upgraded?

    Anyone with a (2015 model, mid1) non-navi infotainment system with fender audio upgrade to one of the chinese android screens? Would love to hear more about it. Thanks Rob