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    WTB: 18/19 AllTrack or 19 SportWagen AWD - Denver

    Hey Friends, My wife and I are looking for a 2018 or 2019 AllTrack or a 19 SportWagen with AWD as a replacement to our 12 Audi A3 TDI. We have cash in hand ready to go Must Haves: Blue or Green in color Only Black or Brown interiors DSG Mileage around 40K SE or SEL trim(only S in SportWagen...
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    FS: Forge Turbo Blanket and RacingLine R600 Extra Filter

    Hey friends, I have these couple items leftover from when we owned our last R. We are moving to a new home and figured I’d just get rid of these. The Forge Turbo Blanket is brand new - $45 shipped...
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    FS: Brand New DBV2 V2 Journal Turbo - Denver

    Morning everyone, Some of you may remember my post about buying a new to me 16 Golf R and 4 days later getting t-boned and insurance refusing to total it. Well, in the end I got sizable diminished value claim and decided to sell the car and just get away from it. The only part I have left is...
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    FS: 17in VW rims w/ X-Ice tires - Denver

    As we all know, summer is the best time to get your winter tires! The rims are off of our 2014 VW Golf TDI with Michelin X-Ice tires. They are already mounted and balanced from Discount Tire and saw about 3,000 miles in total. I don’t know what the rims are called from VW but you’ll see them in...
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    High Altitude DBV2 - Denver

    Morning friends, Curious if anyone on the forum is running a DBV2 turbo in higher elevation? I recently purchased one(V2 Journal) with ceramic coating and ported and I am very excited to get this on the car in the next month or so. I live in Denver and we are a full 5280 elevation and more to...
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    WTB: Aftermarket Intercooler

    Throwing this out there since I have not seen any in a while. Looking for a used APR, IE, Unitronic, etc intercooler for my Golf R. I am not interested in the fmic route but a direct drop in unit. Thank you! -Dustin
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    0% APR and no payments 6 months

    I received an email and call from my local dealer who just did the work on my Golf R that there is a 0% APR for 72 months and no payments for 180 days on new Golf R’s Has anyone else seen this or is this just from my local dealership(Emich VW)? My car is still being fixed from the accident at...
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    FS: IE turbo inlet pipe

    Morning friends, I recently purchased this from another forum member and decided to go another route. I did not put this on my car. Both the pipe and rubber coupler are included and in excellent condition I am finding these for $99 plus tax and free shipping. I am ready to ship today for $65...
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    DCC suspension replacement - advice from accident

    Morning friends! I am the guy who waited some time to get his 16 R with the thread “who’s Golf R is this - Schomp BMW.” Without talking about it too much, another driver hit me 4 days after buying that Golf R from the BMW dealership(over 3 weeks ago now). Both myself and the other driver are...
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    WTB: Hard pipe hose kit for IE Turbo Inlet Pipe

    As the title says. Looking for a hard turbo Inlet hose kit pipe to compete my intake setup. Venmo ready. 414-916-0200 -Dustin
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    Found an online BlackBook Lite - Free

    Morning friends! I was playing around yesterday with purchasing Blackbook for the month and came across a bank out of MN that has it to use for free. I'm in the process of purchasing a used Golf R and the dealership I am purchasing from is giving me a real shit number for trade-in value. I have...
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    Who’s 16’ white Golf R is this? Denver - Schomp BMW

    Repost from general thread: 16 Golf R I put a hold deposit down on this Golf R earlier today with VIn #: WVWLF7AU6GW246466 It’s at the Schomp BMW dealership. They have it listed as a base but it has driver assistance as well with only 23,088 miles. First thing I see is that it’s slightly...
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    Who 16’ Golf R is this? Denver - Schomp BMW

    2016 Golf R I put a hold deposit down on this Golf R earlier today with VIn #: WVWLF7AU6GW246466 It’s at the Schomp BMW dealership. They have it listed as a base but it has driver assistance as well with only 23,088 miles. First thing I see is that it’s slightly lowered and it comes with a...
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    WTB: 2017 Golf R, DSG only, w/driver package - mods ok

    Hey Folks, I am currently looking for a 2017 Golf R in either white or limestone with DSG and the driver package(this is a must). I am open to any modifications as long as the car is in complete working order and no TD1 as of yet. I would prefer the miles to be under 40,000. I currently drive...
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    Anyone race the Stinger 3.3T?

    Not a VS. yet but has anyone here come across the V6 3.3T stinger? They’re about 1,000 lbs heavier than the GTI but with a JB4, they throw down some high numbers. Just curious if anyone has had the chance yet.
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    FS: Audi 15' S3 w/23K miles - Denver

    $27,000 with only UM tuning as the modification if anyone is interested. No takers??? Posting from Audizine. We have been MK7 owners for quite some time as well. Hi Everyone, The time has come for me to put my awesome S3 officially up for sale. We are getting ready for our first child in the...
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    FS: BNIB Neuspeed RSB for GTI

    Hi Friends! We sold out 17' GTI about a month ago and never got to installing our Neuspeed Rear Sway Bar. This is still sealed in the box so I will be shipping it to you exactly as you see in the pictures. We never even opened the box so my loss your gain. If you were buying new from...
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    FS: 17 GTI S-White-4Door-DSG-8,710miles-Denver

    PRICE DROP $19,500 PICTURES: Hi friends, This post is for our 2017 VW GTI S, White, DSG, 4-Door with 8,710 miles. This is my wife's car and is not her daily driver so miles will only slightly go up from its current status. We have a TDI and S3 and realized that...
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    WTB: 225/40 R18’s in Denver Colorado

    So many posts for the tires I want but is anyone selling in the Denver Colorado area? Looking for slightly used all-seasons or summer tires that can fit my stock Audi S3 rims with 225/40 R18. Thanks!
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    WTB: CTS turbo inlet pipe

    As the title states. If you are finished with your CTS turbo inlet pipe, I would love to PayPal/Venmo you the cash and ship it off to me in Denver. Let me know what you have! -Dustin