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    Canbus error, virtual dash retrofit

    I'm looking for some help. I had my dash changed today to a virtual dash. Everything good except the fuel gauge is stuck at 0. Guy who done it is good and done many but can't figure out what the issue is. He said that there was a canbus error showing before he fitted it although the gauge worked...
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    Virtual dash retrofit

    Looking for advice sorry if it’s been asked before I’ve not been here for a while ! I’m wanting to retrofit a virtual dash on my car and am located in Scotland. I’ve posted on a few Facebook forums with no luck so far. A few people in England are saying they can do it. One Scottish company I’ve...
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    Caliper Colour Help

    So I'm keeping the original VW wheels on my car (2017, mk 7.5 2ltr GT) but I'm getting them changed to gloss black. What's your opinions on colour for the brake calliper's ? Any ideas would be helpful
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    Wheels for new car

    Any advice on what wheels I should buy for my new car ? I'm in the UK so any UK sites or sellers would be helpful. I don't have photo's yet but the car is a 2017 GT, I'd like to replace the VW alloys with others :D
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    I’m back in the golf family !

    I’ve been away for a few years sold my last golf s. Worst mistake since then I’ve had an Astra, BMW and Mitsubishi asx. Today I get my golf ! This time I didn’t buy the base model S. I went for a 2017 white 5dr GT 2.0tdi This one obviously has higher spec than my s did! Anyway looking for some...
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    Looking for some advice

    I posted a while back about poor mpg, it's dropped again over the last few months. Now getting around 40mpg, few questions: 1- Is there anything I can try to improve the mpg? 2- I've read about terraclean would this be beneficial ? 3- should I use any sort of fuel...
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    Biodiesel and where do you buy your fuel ?

    For all the UK members, Since this was raised in the UK forum, where does everyone purchase their diesel ? (Sorry petrol owners!). Do you use supermarkets or stick to Shell, Esso etc ? Also do you know what level of biodiesel is in the fuel you use ?
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    Another hit and run :-(

    So came out of work yesterday, drove home and seen this. Someone has obviously hit my car when it was parked in the car park at work. Nice of them :mad:
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    Biodiesel in Diesel

    Just a quick question in relation to UK fuel. I tend to buy my diesel from Morrison's which has 7% biodiesel however VW's guidance is only up to 5%. So does anyone know what % other garages have ? Asda, Esso, Shell etc ? I don't want to start any discussion about supermarket fuels though !!
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    Window motor - part backlog

    Probably mentioned this here before, another issue (one of many) with my car is that the drivers window doesn't open/close with one touch. Tried to reset it, still doesn't work. Last year I took it to the dealer who said they checked the VW database and there was no known fix, so I've had a...
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    Help with part numbers

    Hi I'm looking to buy a new fuel filter (paper part only) and also a pollen filter. Can anyone tell me the part numbers ? Car is a 2014 golf s, 1.6tdi blue motion. I can supply the reg if needed
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    OBDELEVEN, questions ?

    Sorry for sounding stupid but can anyone explain to me what it is and what I can do with it? Also is there anything worthwhile for me I can do with a Golf S which is the UK base model ?
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    L&M red cigarettes

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    DRL bulb change

    Looking for advice on how to change my drl bulb ? I had LED bulbs fitted last month, now error showing as check right side drl. I've had a look and it's not on so probably needs replaced ? Any help would be great !
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    Booked in at dealer, few issues

    I've got my car booked in next week with the dealer to try and sort out a few issues which are: 1 – There is a noise from the clutch when I release it, almost like a clicking noise 2 – When the car is first started from cold it idles roughly, even if it’s not cold outside but has been...
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    Looking for spring suggestions

    I'm looking to get new shocks/springs for my car. I don't want it lowered too much but currently my 18" wheels look really small because of the height the car sits at. Does anyone have any recommendations/links of what I should be looking at ?
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    VW 18" Austin replicas

    Set of 4 Austin replica alloy wheels £160, just came off my golf and have a fitment of 5x112. Selling the wheels only, no tyres. Low price due to scuffs however could be refurbished any questions just ask!
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    Rough price for GTI Austin replica wheels

    I'm getting a new set of alloy wheels fitted soon and am looking to sell my old ones which are 18" replica gti Austin wheels. I'm keeping the tyres so selling the rims only. Does anyone have a rough price of how much I should sell them for? They have some kerbing to them or should I have...
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    Austin alloy wheel refurbishment

    I've got a set of Austin alloy wheels on my car which need refurbished. I've been Quote around £120 per wheel to do this :eek: Question is can these be powder coated which is less expensive ?
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    The last time my car advised it needed serviced I arranged to have National ( do the oil filter and change as it seemed to be a hassle. This was done at a reasonable price, just wondered everyone's thoughts on the oil they use. They told me it was VW approved, it's...