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  1. Baka

    Does the under seat drawer make the seat higher?

    Hi, I've got a MK7 GTI and have been shopping for a MK7 R. I tried an R the other day that had the drawer under the drivers seat and the seat was noticeably higher. I usually have four fingers between my head and the roof in the GTI but it was nearly touching in the R, like maybe 2 fingers. Is...
  2. Baka

    Changing shocks at 80k. Bilstein B4's or OEM?

    Cars coming up on 80k, so thought I would treat it to some new shocks. How do the Bilstein B4's compare with the standard shocks? Worth a look? Any other options worth considering? Thanks.
  3. Baka

    Headlamp Aim for Dynamic Bendy Xenons?

    Hey, I've got a 2014 GTI with Xenon's and Dynamic Bend Lighting. Can I just use the manual adjuster to move the lights up and down? I vaguely remember reading that you might have to do something in VCDS, and don't want to cock it up. Thanks.
  4. Baka

    Lighter/Easier shift possible with 6MT GTI?

    Hey, loving my mk7 PP GTI but the shift is pretty terrible. It takes a fair bit of effort to get into and out of gear, and depending on what mood it's in, can be quite notchy into any gear. I've cleaned and lubed the linkage on top of the gearbox and done several alignments, playing around...
  5. Baka

    'Please insert....' Nav eating SD cards?

    Hi, I've got a 2014 GTI with Discovery Media, it has a SD navigation card inserted, but always shows 'Please insert valid navigation media' when switching to the NAV screen. I looked up how to update the card and downloaded the Discovercare app. Upon inserting the original card, neither my PC...
  6. Baka

    Softer Suspension for MK7 GTI?

    Hi, I finally got a mk7 GTI and absolutely love it. Due to previous injuries and terrible roads I could do with a softer ride. Phase one will be some 17" Pro Race 1.2's. As the stock 18's probably don't help and look pretty heavy. Has anyone gone to lighter 17's and seen a decent improvement in...