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    Downpipe What's the best brand ?

    I have the milltek HJS catted option. It is very pricey but it sounds mature and it throws no CEL. It is rated as a 3" downpipe but the cast upper section is very big and transitions smoothly into a massive diameter catalyst, so i assume it flows better than a mandel bent 3". With the resonated...
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    Anyone install a Dieselgeek Superpin?

    I did the super pin by myself. It took me about 3 hours in my garage doing it the first time. Later I did the whole process again to fix a rattle that I created (Forgot to clip something in, no big deal).and it took be about an hour. Its really not too bad but the hard part (especially the first...
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    Cloth Seat weight?

    Does anybody know the weight of a GTI cloth plaid seat? Cant find this info anywhere.
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    Questioning the wisdom of VWoA killing all US Golfs aside from the GTI and R

    I have heard many auto journalists (Jason Camissa) say that small cars were really killed by their manufacturers, and not by the consumer. OEM's wanted to sell more SUV's because there is more profit margin built in and emissions / fuel economy / safety regs were all looser. So car companies...
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    SOLD: GTI PP front calipers with stainless steel lines and pads - $350 shipped to lower 48

    Just so you know, you can fit these in a flat rate box and ship them very cheaply
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    lol bro you already got written up once for no plate... don't you think you should keep it?...
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    DBV2 Billet HPFP Cap Install

    Main reason is that it allows you to run AN lines from your MPI rail to the HPFP. Other benefits are to improve fuel flow to the HPFP.
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    DBV2 Billet HPFP Cap Install

    Billet HPFP Cap Install I wanted to do a writeup / review on this since I was not able to find much information about this install online or on facebook, except for some help that Daniel from DBV2 gave me (Thanks!). First, why did I install this? My car is stage 2 91, stock pumps, so there is...
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    EQT E30 Tune CEL Upon Start

    Is there anything wrong with just driving with the CEL?
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    EQT E30 Tune CEL Upon Start

    Milltek makes good downpipes with high quality cats. My HJS cat has no CEL and they even sell an EU6 cat i believe
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    Full Roll Cage Kit for the MK7

    Bro chill, didn't mean any disrespect and wasn't trying to offend. Just pointing out that drag racers have generous definitions of what a "street car" is.
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    Full Roll Cage Kit for the MK7

    For drag racing, the term "Street car" is used very lightly. If it has a radiator and headlights then its a "Street car".
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    15 inch or 17 inch skinnies for the rear?

    Wondering about this too. Usually TC and ABS works by sensing the wheel speed difference between F and R...
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    GTI MK7 build - need advice

    Hey Karl, First, for the power, these are the parts you need to upgrade: - intercooler - low pressure fuel pump - add multi port injection - high flow downpipe - big turbo - custom tune A good tuner should be able to get you 450 WHP and 420 ft-lbs with pump gas and a big turbo. Some WMI should...
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    Hood exit stage 2 flames?

    Hood exits are cheap, carbon fiber is expensive. Can't do a hood delete or else it'll look like a Honda. (Or, you could hood dump AND hood delete, save 100 lbs) Keep in mind: I am not OP and I don't plan to do a hood dump any time soon, just pointing out that there are some benefits, especially...
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    Hood exit stage 2 flames?

    For those asking why -- I would be interested in doing it just from a weight perspective... Could save like 50 lbs from the downpipe and catback... I would prefer if someone figured out a fender exit or some way of lightening the exhaust without a hood dump lmao
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    Current consensus on PCV plates?

    Is there any agreement on when a catch can / PCV plate is recommended? I see built motor guys running stock PCVs and stage one people with APR kits.
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    DW300c: Any Reviews?

    The PR kits require modifying the OEM basket, and they cant be turned all the way up on the stock controller
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    MK7 GTI vs Focus ST

    MQB platform will make more power than the ford with less money, and be more reliable the entire time. They also look better and have nice interiors. Especially if you want an auto, then the answer is no question 200% MQB. The mk7 GTI is also like 100-200 lbs lighter than the focus.
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    DW300c: Any Reviews?

    Having a hard time finding any review of this pump or people using it. This pump seems like a solid upgrade over the OEM pump for cheap. Could be a great upgrade for an is38 e85 tune or similar. Is anybody using this pump successfully? Making good power? Would appreciate if a tuner chimed in...