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  1. J

    Bulb sizes and types

    Yeah, it's the D3S Expensive to buy and a nightmare to locate and replace. Is it better to replace them as a pair and is 4500k the standard output? One of my front fog light units is faulty too, apparently the L/H side (passenger side UK) are notorious for failing
  2. J

    Bulb sizes and types

    Does £220 sound right for main headlight bulb? 🤷🏻‍♂️
  3. J

    Bulb sizes and types

    Does anyone know what bulbs needed for 2014 GTD Golf Mk7
  4. J

    Fog light not working on my GTD

    Mine is the same, the passenger side front fog lights are not working on my GTD, there is no warning info on the dash to suggest they are not working, (I visually inspected them). I was able to get the plastic cover off to reach into the light, the cable seemed to be detached and I was then able...