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    APR stage 1 surge

    Any chance it's tied to only some ECU box codes? Stage 1 low-torque also. I do get the slight "lag" on a short shift like that, but I'd expect that to a degree. I'm not getting any choppiness in that scenario (half-throttle making some torque with an upshift at 3k or thereabouts). The only...
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    APR tune IS38 with stock downpipe

    Got a response a little bit ago from APR Support. Basically your only option on OE DP is the v1.1 file that dated back to the original release. Running the v2.1 files must have a high-flow DP. No plans to update the OE DP file despite the push away from High-flow DPs in the market. Naturally...
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    MK7 "Random / "Stupid" Questions Thread"

    T They do, it's just a file that dates back to 2016. A specific stock DP file was not written for the updates done a couple of years ago. That's why I ask. I do have an e-mail out to APR. Just waiting on a response.
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    MK7 "Random / "Stupid" Questions Thread"

    Not yet. I don't expect anything on a long Holiday weekend. You're 100% right on the generic response I'm likely to receive, but want to have a conversation with them about it. Just going after low-hanging fruit here on the forum to see if anyone has done it. It ultimately depends what exactly...
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    MK7 "Random / "Stupid" Questions Thread"

    Anybody run an ECU tune intended for a catted aftermarket DP on the OE DP? Any real consequence beyond not meeting "advertised" output figures? Looking at IS38 on my GTI and staying with OE DP and want to stay in the APR ecosystem. Unfortunately the file for the OE DP didn't get updated with...
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    APR tune IS38 with stock downpipe

    Arin confirmed in the DTR thread they do have a OE downpipe file, but it's v1.xx and wasn't part of the tune revamps rolled out in 2019. I really like the improvements it brought to the Stage 1 files. Makes me wonder the consequences of running the current files on a OE DP car...especially if...
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    APR DTR6054 Direct Turbocharger Replacement System

    If someone were to let you guys borrow a car, would it be a possibility? I'm sure there are others that really appreciated the v1->v2 updates when released.
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    APR DTR6054 Direct Turbocharger Replacement System

    Since IS38 would be where I'd go if my IS20 popped... My question would be if the OE Downpipe IS38 GTI files were part of the large updates rolled out sometime in 2019. On Stage 1, it was a significant improvement in drivability and torque delivery.
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    Exhaust suggestions - no drone, deep

    Center resonator delete + Clubsport S rear muffler section.
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    Mk7 Exhaust Tech. How to get the sound you want.

    I absolutely love my CSS rear section with mid-res delete on the factory downpipe. It's truly a great OEM+ option that looks like factory and doesn't scream "LOOK AT ME!!!!". There's more sound for sure, but doesn't have any of the "shouty" sound quality to it. Extremely civilized when just...
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    APR DTR6054 Direct Turbocharger Replacement System

    How times change. You want small? Try the K03 variant that was on the late-90s through 2004 1.8T... ;-p Back then, a GT28RS was going "big turbo". We now have turbos from the factory that outflow even that...and are calling those small. Hah! But, we digress...
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    Resonator delete?

    Given how similar the whole exhaust is to the Mk7, it'll be like having the Soundaktor in "sport" mode all the time. The difference being that it'll sound more natural. No significant difference to overall volume until I replaced my rear muffler section with the CSS rear section (TCR for the 7.5s)
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    Another case of peeling sunroof trim clearcoat

    I tried going to VW on mine. Essentially unless you're still in the warranty period, it's on you.
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    Best resonator + muffler combo?

    OE Downpipe + No resonator + CSS muffler. *runs and hides*
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    CSS rear muffler section installed. It's good. Like...REALLY good. Surprise how "dual-personality" it is. Civilized/subtle during normal and tame driving. Wakes up a ton when under load.
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    Have a CSS muffler and want it to sound better? Pair it with a resonator delete.

    Mine is in order currently through DAP. Looking forward to that OEM+ look and sound. Factory downpipe and res delete.
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    Sunroof 'exploded' today on 2016 GTI. That was fun.

    What's a PITA is that you get forced into the roof if you want the good audio, leather seats, DCC, etc. It's a whole package deal.
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    Apr Stage 1 High tq vs. Low tq

    FWIW: LSD isn't a magic bullet for everything. It certainly helps when the side to side available traction is different (such as corner exit when weight is transferred to one side). But...there is no solution for plain and simple overpowering *both* sides.'s the neat thing: Big...
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    Apr Stage 1 High tq vs. Low tq

    Low-torque file user. LOVE how linear it is. Do you know what's better than more power? Usable power... ;-)
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    APR Software is on sale. Are you tuned yet?

    Not sure why it's a crazy concept to some. You're essentially exactly the same as a Stage 1 Golf R at that point.