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    Need help with some correction

    I was gone for two weeks, and while gone the car got a bit crusty due to daily morning fog, etc. even though I washed it the day before I left. I also got a small row of bird crap on the hood. I took a clean microfiber and clean water and washed off the bird poop to try and avoid...
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    Good price?

    I was looking at Tire Rack as they tie a couple other sites for price and the forum bonus. But if I'm reading this right a $30 difference is persuasive. This is the right H&R 24mm RSB for a Mk7.5 correct? Says it is, but want to be sure. My reading has been off some lately...
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    Engine/Tranny/Dogbone Bits

    Ok, I've read through quite a few various threads, done a few searches, and haven't come across much definitive. I know, that might be asking too much. For Stage 1, maybe light Stage 2, is there a general consensus on 'best' inserts/dogbones/mounts? As much as I'd like a DP I'm not sure...
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    What cars have you had?

    There's a thread for what other cars folks have now, how about before? Vehicle names? I know, some won't be able to remember 'em all. For me I started out with an '83 Chevy Malibu 4-door (No name). Then: '96 Plymouth Sundance Duster V6 (Lone Wulf, heavy, but held up surprisingly well...
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    Official Cornflower Blue GTI / Golf Thread

    Possibly one of the last (if not the last) colors without a thread? So here ya go, post up your pics. Here's mine.
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    Tire Considerations

    Ok, the wheel post is up so folks can have an idea what these would go on along with stock. But I've narrowed down the list some. Probably won't be much of a surprise as they line up with most talked about on here. I'll likely bump it up to 235s since starting on stock wheels. I've...
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    Wheel considerations

    I think I've narrowed down some options for new wheels. I'd be looking for lighter than stock, although with initial round it's more of a budget approach so may not be 'lightweight'. Below are what I'm looking at. It'd be on a Cornflower Blue Rabbit. Leaning towards RF03RRs, Myths, or...
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    Thoughts on possible dealer shenanigans

    The dealer told me my car was coming from the port when I was looking and would be here early April, the only blue one they're supposed to get. So I've been waiting, but it's within a week and they still say they have zero idea where it is since. I thought I might find a site to track it...
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    Go for a test drive with the wife they said. It'll be fun they said.

    Went to test drive the only GTI the local dealer had, ends up they sold it two days ago. Since we mostly wanted to see how it'd hold up with the family we went with a Golf SE on the lot instead. Still not bad for a base version. That went well. Then my wife noticed an SUV on the lot. She'd...
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    Are these the ones folks have been using? Any difference between the two? Majesty FMIC Majesty Twintercooler Magic Twintercooler Magic Twintercooler (Black) I didn't see a Magic FMIC. Are both used in conjunction, as available, or each on their own depending model setup? Edit: Also how...
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    DSG Shift Knobs

    Soooo... First of all, let me say how much I had to resist making a juvenile attention-getter title. You're all welcome. Or apologies for those who like that sorta thing. I've been reading through threads and doing a big of Google-Fu and so far I'm seeing very little pop up by way of...
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    Aelwulf's 'Ghost Rabbit' Build

    Car is home! Pending name either Brer or Lola. 2019 Cornflower Blue GTI Rabbit DSG 2.0T Actual items for/on car to date: Chipwerkes piggyback tuner Pedal Commander OEM mud flaps OEM lock bolts Klii Mk7 plaid license plate frame Badgeskins steering wheel CF sticker Badgeskins steering wheel...