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    MK 7.5 2018 Golf R - 0-60 w/ botched launch

    I have this map where I botched a launch control (and I kept the stick shunted right so it was stuck in M) and I redlined 1st gear a bit before the computer shifted automatically for me. I've included the log here - according to the JB4 app, it says I pulled a 2.2 but I on this map, if I count...
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    MK7.5 (2018) Golf R - 36k mile strut mount wear?

    Hey, so my shop told me that my front strut mounts are shot. My car (bought CPO has only 36k miles but I drive around in NYC's pothole infested roads. Does this seem right? Also, if I do need a swap - how much am I looking for (on average) to do the job, and should I get 034 strut mounts or OEM...
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    JB4 - Map 4 (0-60) two times w/ launch control

    I was wondering if you guys are getting similar results with a JB4 or maybe a stage 1 from APR or somewhere. I haven't actually been able to do a good pull anywhere but these are my results: I'm using log-based but I'm thinking about getting a Dragy...
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    Firewall Grommet Part #

    While installing my JB4 I lost this grommet. Anyone know the part number? Thanks!
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    New ECS Tuning Catback - coming soon

    Has anyone tried this yet? The youtube video I found on their channel seems new so I'm not sure if this is a new product or not. Thoughts?
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    Dealer Diagnostic Fee

    Is it normal for them to be charging a diagnostic fee? My ACC/Front Assist is acting up. I'm only asking cause I've had an Audi ('18 S4) before and whenever I went in with random issues (due to my mods or not) they wouldn't charge me to diagnose - they'd tell me it's my issue or theirs and then...
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    Front Assist is not Available

    Hey guys, I have a 2018 Golf R and I just got an issue with the Front Assist/ACC. It says "Front Assist is unavailable" or something along those lines. It happened to me earlier today right after the snow - was still snowing a bit. I figured maybe some snow got on it so I figured I'll check it...
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    Alignment & Sensors on '18 Golf R?

    So I came from a 2018 S4 Prestige so I had the traffic jam assist where it'd steer for you in traffic. It was pretty cool but after an accident - my sensors got f'd up (i went w/ a rs4 style grille too) and like a whole buncha shit. Basically it stopped working and the stealership wanted to...
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    Dealers for service

    Hey guys, I was wondering if you had any recommendations on dealers for service in the area? When I'm more modded I was leaning on Linden dealer as I heard they're more mod friendly but for now, convenience + non-assholes would be ideal. I live in brooklyn, work in queens, ideally something in...
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    Ceramic Coating/Paint Protection Film installers in NY

    Have any of you guys gotten PPF or Ceramic Coat for your cars in NYC? How much was it? Would you recommend it? I daily drive my Golf R and it's driveway parked (at work & at home) but not garaged. Thanks!
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    Oil for 2018 Golf R - and oil changes on used vehicles (new to me)

    Hey guys - I know I'm late to this as I'm sure you've all figured it out by now but I am not sure what type of oil to get (looking at DAP/ECS/FCPEuro) - it seems I can do 5W30 or 5W40 - what would you guys recommend for a summer change (now)? I'll probably have to get another one done when...
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    Pre-owned JB4 vs New

    Hey guys, I have a local pick-up available for a used JB4 w/ BT for $250 which is pretty cheap, tbh (maybe $300 with tolls & gas). I was wondering what your thoughts are on that vs a new JB4 which i think comes out to like 460~ shipped for data cable? Thanks!
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    Spoiler/Lip material - do you care?

    So I want to get something for the trunk spoiler (extension or something more possibly) to make the rear more aggressive-looking, especially from the side. But I was wondering what y'all thought about material for things like spoilers, or lips (front, side, rear) - eventually I'll probably get...
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    Firestone Winterforce 2 vs Vredestein Wintrac Pro ($175 more, worth the diff?)

    Hey guys, I just got a MK7.5 Golf R (2018) - my first actual VW. I previously ran whatever winter tires I could get my hands on for my previous cars, but this time, I kind of narrowed it down to these two as their price difference is some what significant so I'm just wondering if it's worth the...