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    FS: 15-17 Golf R "NEW" in boxes Interior parts (OEM)

    Have a handful of interior trim parts that I bought new from the dealer a couple years ago to hang onto since I'm really picky about the condition of my interior. I bought these as back up since they are all the main touch parts on the drivers side area that usually get scratched and dinged up...
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    SOLD!!! This is off my R that has exactly 26k miles on it. less than 2k miles on the pump since the Autotech upgrade. $400 shipped in the lower 48! Located in Southbay Torrance area
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    SOLD!!!! Has standard cobb tunes and a custom tune done locally on a dyno but it's probably not much use to most unless running a similar setup which was a HPFP, 91 and a DBV2 hybrid. Unmarried and ready to go! $500 shipped in the lower 48. Located in Socal Torrance area.
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    WTB: 2 silver Pretoria's

    Looking for two good or excellent condition silver pretoria wheels for my R. Located in Socal Southbay area but willing to drive or pay for shipping.
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    SOLD Slightly used around 200 miles catless DP. Doesnt come with OEM hanger in pic. $200 + shipping! Located in Socal.
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    SOLD! Everything is brand new except the manifold. I installed the rail & injectors but never wired it up or finished the rest of the install. Figure it was just easier to get another manifold and sell the kit ready to go! $1,400 shipped! Located in Socal. PR 925cc Kit PR Stage 3 450 Pump PR...
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    SOLD! Lightly used less than 200 mile CTS gen 3 TIP. $50 shipped in lower 48! Located in Socal so will let go for less if you pick up.
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    SOLD!!! Have a complete set of DBV2 charge pipes. I had them powder coated black. Only a couple hundred miles of use. The pipe that attached to the throttle body wasn't even used because I could not figure out how to get it to fit with my setup so only the discharge hot side pipes are actually...
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    SOLD! Have an CTS intercooler that was on my R for only a couple hundred miles. You can see from the pics that it's literally new still. I didn't even wipe it off that's how clean it is! I'm trying to purchase a house so I'm parting out the R and selling it hence why such low miles on the...
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    FS: VWR R600 Intake

    Has only a couple hundred miles on it. Please note that I notched the bottom corner of the box to clear my DBV2 discharge pipe and price reflects it. Filter still looks good as new! $250 Located in Socal but willing to ship at buyers expense
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    SOLD!!!! Less than 2k miles on them and still look new. $200 shipped anywhere in the lower 48. Located in Socal
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    FS: Eibach Pro Kit Springs (Golf R)

    Sale Pending 1/7! Have some Eibach Pro Kit springs with less than a couple thousand miles on them. Still look new. These are probably the best springs if you are on stock dampers. All of the other brands I tried were too low and would bottom out. $100 Located in Socal but willing to ship.
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    SOLD!!!!! Have a set of lightly used Titan 7' R10's No bends or curbing. Some minor knicks and one of the wheels has a scrape around the back of the barrel from a piece of plastic that got stuck in the fender well. Includes 3 PS4's with less than 3k miles on them and 1 track day still...
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    SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bought the 6 piston caliper only kit direct from Neuspeed a little over a year ago for my R. Installed them and the same weekend I took the R to Laguna Seca for a track day. These brakes on stock rotors and some track pads were amazing! Shortly after getting back from...
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    Found one
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    SOLD!!!!!!! Update 6/9/21: I forgot to take this thread down when I decided to keep the car and move forward with installing the parts back at the beginning of the year. New mods and info updated below Update 1/5/22: Car is back to almost stock as of now. Only parts still on it currently...
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    WTB: 19x8.5 Black Wheels (Lightweight)

    Looking for a clean set of black 19x8.5 preferrably +45. Looking for something that can clear big brake kits and is lightweight (under 22lbs). Budget is up to $2k for a nice set with or without tires. Located in Socal but willing to pay shipping!
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    2016 GTI S DSG Night Blue w/Lighting Package SoCal

    SOLD!!! Bought a R so motivated to sell this car. 2016 GTI S Night Blue DSG Lighting package 30,000 miles Ceramic tint Engine mods: CTS catted DP CTS turbo inlet 034 turbo muffler delete Forge intercooler Bull X exhaust (Resonator mid pipe installed but also have resonator delete pipe)...
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    WTB: PP Rear Brakes

    Looking for rear PP setup. Located in Socal but willing to pay shipping!