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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    This is what I did like 18 months ago. I made exactly one try and bench pressing it and decided the hell with that noise. I'm not weak but it was so awkward I figured why not use science instead of brute force. I did use a jack underneath to lift it as I took up the slack on the straps. Lots of...
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    What's really funny is when you sit behind a left lane camper for half a minute, then finally pass them on the right, give them a long dirty look as you go by, then get in front of them in the left lane and right before you punch it, open your window, sitck your arm out and violently point over...
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    I finally bought my car a permanent home. No more renting for us. Now I can finally build a proper workshop with benches made out of wood and not the plastic flea market tables that have been holding up all my tools through all the rental houses. But, I knew I'd be glad I did it that way when I...
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    IS38/Big Turbo or Motorcycle?

    You're not kidding about any of that. This bike is a riot and does most everything at a 7/10 level. Not sure I'd want to tour on it, but as a commuter / joy ride machine, it's tits. Torque 4 days Yo. and insurance was available as low as $4 a month.
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    IS38/Big Turbo or Motorcycle?

    I forgot all about this thread. In the end, I did both. I forgot how even an average motorcycle makes most any car acceleration seem like a total joke. And this rig has 130hp which is still nothing by current standards. It's crazy. I was also gifted a little 150cc Honda dirt bike. I've only...
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    Intercooler install question.

    Same, but I had the Ebay Majesty cooler which needed grinding / filing to fit properly. That was 2 hours of dickfiddle right there. A lot of people oversell their skill level - i.e., they lie about it.
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    Wastegate Actuator Adjustment

    And even that, apparently isn't enough sometimes...
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    Wastegate Actuator Adjustment

    I have an upgraded autotech hpfp.
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    Wastegate Actuator Adjustment

    I've got to give this a try. I get fairly consistent overboost code on my fcp IS38. It happens mostly when really punching it in 3rd or 4th. Basically, at any point when it happens, I could simultaneously be given a bunch of tickets. The voltage was on the low side, about 3.3x right out of the...
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    Selling a modded car to carvana/vroom/etc

    19k was the pre-tax price for my 17 sport with 36k miles 3 years ago. So, yea...
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    Clutchless ignition update: solved (maybe)

    It seems you're right. I'll see about redoing that. I don't visit the forum much these days, I'm only here now looking into possible reasons I'm getting overboost code / limp mode on my e48 IS38 swap. For the record, the clutch less ignition mod is coming up on two years since install. Still...
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    Any guesses on the extent of this body damage?

    The better pdr guys are wizards. It's black magic I tells ya.
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    Any guesses on the extent of this body damage?

    I'm just about ready to try my hand at at this kind of repair for the first time. I had my motorcycle up on a jack while servicing the forks. Pulled the car in next to it for the night. Overnight, the bike slipped off the jack and I found it laying against the car. Put a nice dent in the...
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    IS38 Upgrade Issues

    I get an EPC and limp mode on my E48 sneeky IS38 tune every great once in a while - IIRC it's the overboost code. It seems limited to when traction control is off and i punch it really hard when the tires have a chance to spin because of lack of grip. A good example is the tight right hand...
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    MK7 Confessions

    This is the right answer, and what I did.
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    Turbo flutter mid boost?

    My IS20 used to make the true "tu tu tu" flutter sounds when coming off throttle. I can't remember exactly but I think it only did it with Untitronic Stage 1. Stage 2 and Cobb tune for E30 and now IS38 only made the noises that OP describes, the quieter "pshh pshh" noises when getting on the...
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    What are you guys paying for insurance?

    I'm in the lowest cost group, in the highest cost city. Before the car was paid off, it was - I think, $120 per month. As soon as I no longer had to provide full coverage, I dumped it and now it's like half that. My 140hp motorcycle is $4 a month.
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    Jason Cammisa MK8 Hagerty review... OUCH

    I'd much rather take an MK7 and just add / change whatever it needs to make it on par with the MK8 mechanically/performance wise. What does it even need besides a suspension update and a mild tune?
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    What's my 2018 GTI SE 6MT PP w/ 24K miles worth?

    I've thought about reverting my 17 sport back to stock turbo and tune and selling it - and just wait on the supply chain problems to fully resolve, which could take 2 years and buy something better at that time - like maybe the Mk8 golf R or finally go EV. I've got other ways to get around...
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    Burble Tune Worth It?

    I can't stand them, personally. In a 4 cyl car it always sounds like a paper tiger. "Look! I'm thoo powerful! Like theriouthly guyyyth!" Interestingly, I changed up the tune on my motorcycle, and that has some MEAN sounding overrun pops - but those I don't notice much because of the wind...