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    2018 Sportwagen 6MT 4 Motion DAP, LP build threa

    Allrady created a build thread on the vortex. Here is the link.
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    Rear window spoilers, sedan vs GSW/Alltrack

    I know the sedan and the wagon have different part #s for the rear window spoilers and they should not be interchangeable. HOWEVER... I recall reading a post where someone made the sedan version fit on his GSW/Alltrac by using a heat gun. I have been searching for a while for this post and can...
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    2018 Platnum Grey Metalic Sportwagen 6MT 4 Motion DAP, LP build thread.

    Quick introduction and build thread.... First VW in 20+ years as I have been in a Audi for a while. When I saw that the Sortwagen had a 1.8t, 6 Sp MT and 4 motion, I thought it was time to retire my B6 A4 ( Build Thread here...