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    Mystery hook in rear hatch area

    Re 2016 GTI Looked through the owners manual and did not see any information. What are these hooks for in the hatch area. These are NOT for the privacy cover
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    Tire pressure sensors

    I have had my 2016 GTI SE about a month now. Twice I have received a tire pressure warning but no tires are low on pressure I understand these are NOT direct reading sensors but use rotation speed as the technology. There are no sensors to replace. there does not seem to be a way to...
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    wheel offset question

    Re 2016 GTI SE with performance pack. (larger calipers?) stock wheel and tire are 225 40 ZR 18 wheels are 18 x 7.5 x ? offset If I install 18 x 8 x +45MM wheels ( Enkei EMK3) will these move the tire outboard more?
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    Rear license plate

    Added a rear license plate frame to my newly acquired Mk7 Noticed it just uses 2 self tapping screws thru the plastic bumper. How cheap is that. You would have thought VW would have put some threaded inserts here for a more durable attachment
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    GTI website

    Well I have had my 2016 GTI SE about 2 weeks now. Having lots of fun with it Can someone recommend a website where I can buy parts and accessories?
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    Console door issue

    Re 2016 Gti the console door that covers the USB port seems to be off the track. Nothing seems broken but the door closes roughly and won’t latch at the bottom. I can see it is not square in it’s opening. Any tips? Searched archives and only found issues with USB cable interfering Randy
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    what is this for?

    Newly acquired 2016 GTI. Noticed this in the hatch cover. Looks like maybe a flashlight belongs here? No access to manual so don't know what it is.
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    Newbie purchase

    Gentlemen First post here. Thinking of buying 2016 GTI SE with performance pack. Has 18000 miles 6 speed Prepurchase inspection at VW dealer tomorrow. What trouble areas should they look for?