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    Procrastination: "parts you got in the mail years ago and still didn't do to to your GTI today"

    GTIFan99's improvised supplemental office cooling system reminded me of all the parts that have become decorative artifacts in my house. Revo (Eibach linear) springs and Bilstein B8s were bought years ago. So was a Helix subwoofer. Strut tower braces, Badgeskins, and just got a Powerflex...
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    Humble Mechanic in his old age

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    turbo recommendations for a fraidy cat

    Strange question, but 99% of my driving is on two lane roads (in Mexico), so I try to keep it to winding out third gear: ie @ 100mph. Would be nice for more top end, but would it be a waste to go bigger?
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    SOLD: ebay open intake

    Box opened but never used. There is no brand name on it. Looks like an Injen knockoff. All parts accounted for. $140 shipped to lower 48 states.
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    Uh-oh - huge boost leak?!

    Or so I thought, while driving home just now. Actually it was a cicada gangbang going on in the trees by the highway. Those little critters are loud AF. They started making a racket just as I was ascending a steep hill and I thought something came apart under the hood. Really scared me...
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    SOLD: ECS Stage 2 Clutch Kit (New) in SE PA

    ECS Stage 2 Clutch Kit - brand new, in box. Flywheel, pressure plate, disc, throw out bearing and bolts. Rated to 400 lb/ft. $460 shipped to lower 48 states. $400 picked up in person...
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    SB Stage 3 Daily chatter

    Clutch has over 900 miles on it and has chatter at idle and a much more annoying kind of a grinding sound, mostly in 2nd gear from less than 3000 RPMs. The car does have poly mounts and a Fluidampr balancer. The chatter at idle is much louder inside the car than outside and is always...
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    delete thread - no longer for sale

    Sale cancelled
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    Another EQT convert and a few questions...

    The VW dealer keeps hassling me about getting the recall update done for the ECU, my car being a 2019. The car did stall a few times up to about 800 miles and then never again. I have been putting it off to keep from losing my APR tune, but the thought occurred to me that if a warranty issue...
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    SOLD: Nearly new Konig Dekagram wheels and General G-Max Tires (Southeast PA area)

    Set of 4 - General G-Max RS 235/40/18 tires mounted on 18x8.5"/43 ET Konig Dekagram wheels. These are about as close to new (without actually being new) as you can get. Each wheel and mounted tire weigh approximately 41 pounds. 2877 total miles accrued in 2.5 months of use. No drag launches...
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    rev matching with A/C on

    It appears to be rather difficult to rev match with the A/C running. At least, it was today. I can barely get the throttle to blip over 2K rpms. Am I going crazy, or is it already time to part it out?
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    S.O.S. Need Help!

    Was attempting to swap out the struts and springs on my '19 GTI and ran into a major snag: the strut is stuck in the knuckle. I used a spreader nut on the back and managed to get the knuckle to drop about 2 inches. Unfortunately, it won't go any further. Tried raising with a 2x4 and it is...
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    a question on track width

    If I increase rear track width by adding spacers only to the rear wheels, does that effect handling at all? Does it add understeer? If I get 12.5mm spacers, that's about a full inch of rear track width. Just going for looks. Daily driver. No track days. They are 18x8.5 wheels and look a...
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    Cheap tires for daily driving

    Since there is a thread for mid-priced tires, this one is for the cheap stuff on Ebay, like Lionhart, Achilles and the newest - Mucho Macho. :D These tires are W rated "performance" all seasons that are ridiculously cheap. They seem to have some good reviews. The question is, are they any...
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    Need a little help disconnecting fog light harness

    In the midst of removing the bumper cover for a new intercooler and don't want to break the connectors to the foglights. Does anyone have a close up picture or diagram of how to unclip them? 2019 GTI
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    Majesty Intercooler and other goodies for sale

    Majesty Intercooler - Injen Intake - Ebay Catless Downpipe - ECS Diverter Valve Spacer - Intercooler and downpipe are pickup only in...
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    FS: 18" black Pretoria wheels - SOLD

    Selling my Rabbit Edition wheels and ECS spacers on Ebay: Wheels: Spacers:
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    stealth exhaust with downpipe?

    The downpipe with stock catback exhaust combo is not all that quiet. It's not loud but loud enough to know something has been done. Has anybody added a supplemental muffler and did it work? For instance, I have a catted downpipe, a vibrant 17950 and a Magnaflow catback. If I swapped the...
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    upper grille nightmare

    I had plans to install a FMIC today. The weather is upper 40's and dry, so about as good as it gets around here for January. Put the car on ramps and painters tape under the upper grille and on the fenders, to protect where they meet the bumper. Next, removed the two screws in the upper...